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Sometimes you get fame when your life partner becomes a social media sensation. The same is the case with Nik Hirschi, a corporate employee, but now he is retired from his job. Nik Hirschi is the husband of a famous female influencer of the automotive industry known as “Supercar Blondie.” Yes, he is the husband of Alexandra Mary Hirschi.

Nik got fame after Alexandra became a big name for female automotive industry influencers worldwide. After he retires from the bank job, he is now mostly seen with cars following his footsteps of Alexandra. Moreover, he works as a manager for his famous wife, Blondie, a supercar.

Name Nik Hirschi
Birth Place Australia
Date of Birth 28 Aug 1983
Zodiac Signs Virgo
Nik Hirschi Net Worth $10 million
Profession Business analyst, social media star
Nationality Australian
Age 40
Family Wife, Supercar Blondie

Nik Hirschi’s Bio and Early Life

Nik was born in 1983 on 28 Aug in Australia. Now, he is thirty-seven years old. He worked as a bank manager after completing his studies in Switzerland. He has some experience in the banking sector because he worked for a long time.

Because of his job requirements, he worked in many countries, including Hong Kong, London, and Singapore. Finally, Nik got retirement from Dubai and decided to join his wife in her career. Nik’s zodiac sign is Virgo, and his parents’ names are unknown.

There is not much information about Nik Hirschi’s early life and education. According to some resources, he got his degree from the University of Queensland in 2008. His degree was related to bank management.

Nik Hirschi’s Relationship with Supercar Blondie

They have been married for many years, but they kept their marriage secret. They were celebrating their 16th anniversary with each other this year. Nik tied the knot with supercar Blondie on 25 Jan 2003. The couple started dating each other when they attended The University of Queensland.

They both decided to marry each other after some years of dating in university. The couple still feels the same teen love towards each other, and both express their feelings on their social media accounts frequently.

According to Supercar Blondie, they love supercars, making their relationship stronger every day. When the couple has interests in the same things, their love for each other grows forever, like Nik and Alexandra.

Both of them have been working together on social media for many years. Nik and Supercar Blondie have explored many popular destinations of the World together. The couple has had no kid since they were married. They didn’t reveal any plan for the future.

Nik Hirschi’s Career

After completing his degree, Nik decided to work for Valiant Bank. Then, after some time, he joined in hands with Barclays Wealth as an analyst. After that, he worked with many famous companies in the banking sector, including Bloomberg, SGDA, Thomson Reuters, and Misys.

While enjoying life with Supercar Blondie, he always loved to see her grow in her dream career. His interest in cars made him retire from the banking sector, and he started a YouTube channel in 2018. He started his channel with Supercar Blondie.

Today, he is serving his love of life, the supercar Blondie, as their YouTube channel’s managing partner. Moreover, he handles his wife’s PR, business, and strategy to help her become World’s most famous female automotive influencer.

Nik Hirschi is married to Alex Hirschi a.k.a Supercar Blondie

Nik Hirschi Net Worth

Nik Hirschi net worth is almost $10 million dollars which he gained from his social media account. He made his net worth by doing promotions, advertisements, and sponsorships. In addition, he worked as a former business personality which also helped him collect such an amount.

Nik Hirschi’s Social Media Accounts

Nik admits that he gained much attention on social media because of his wife, Supercar Blondie, Dubai’s famous car influencer. As a result, Nik has many fans following him and loving his love for cars. He has almost 309k followers on Instagram.

Nik recently joined the Twitter handle, and he has almost 234 followers, which will grow soon. His Instagram account name is “nikcars,” which shows his love for supercars like his wife. Nik has shared 438 posts till now on Instagram.


Nik Hirschi is a famous personality because of his wife, and he admits this thing very beautifully because he loves his wife so much. The couple grew together throughout their journey. Nik helped Alexandra to take her career to this extent.

Latest Update: January 1, 2024

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