Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Used Car

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Buying A Used Car

When the prices of new cars are high and are out of budget for a family then a second-hand car is what one desires. Buying a second-hand car is not a bad idea when buyers are smart with their purchasing. A used car can create a hassle for the buyer if not inspected properly, therefore, here is a list of things from Top Deals 4 Wheels that you need to see before buying a used vehicle.

  • Examine carefully the interiors and exteriors of a car
  • Never forget to take a test drive
  • Always get the leak test done
  • Let a mechanic inspect the vehicle thoroughly

Certified Pre-Owned Car:

This brings a lot of benefits along with it. When purchasing a second-hand car, do not forget to obtain it as it will help you advantages of a new car and will save a lot of bucks of yours. This does not give you the leverage of extended warranty alone, but also give you the advantages of any unused manufacturer warranty.

Know Your Budget:

It is advisable to have a range for your buying budget. This will help you to stay within your spending limits without disturbing your family budget. Remember, the additional costs of buying a car are also there like, insurance, spare parts, etc.

Inspect The Paperwork:

Chances are, you may end up buying a stolen vehicle at an unimaginable price. So, to avoid to fall into that trap, ensure to examine the paperwork. Before finalizing the deal, checking all the paperwork is a great thing to do.

  • Registration: it is issued in the name of the owner by the RTO. the engine number, the chassis number are mentioned in the RC book. Also, if a car met with an accident then the new chassis number s also mentioned in the RC book. This lets you see the condition of the car with bare eyes.
  • Taxation Book: this is a record of the tax paid to RTO by the original car owner. This is paid once in a lifetime by the car owner.
  • Invoice: obtaining an original invoice from the owner can save you from a lot of trouble later on as it has the engine number, the chassis number, and the purchasing date.
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate: every vehicle that runs on the roads need PUC certificate. It has to be obtained again by every new car after one year of tenure which will be valid for another six months.

Ownership Transfer Certificate:

As someone else will be driving the car so obtaining a transfer certificate becomes mandatory. The original car owner needs to inform the RTO within 14 days about the sale mentioning the details of the car and the new owner in transfer application or letter.

In the end, it is recommended to buy a second-hand car from a reliable source. Purchasing cars from a website that deals with used cars are safer as it knows the nuances of what needs to be taken care of for the buyer.

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