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If you’re a fan of cars, larger-than-life personalities, or flashy displays of wealth, Damon Fryer might just be your cup of tea. He’s the Canadian YouTuber behind Daily Driven Exotics, showing off his impressive car collection on YouTube and Instagram. With nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers and close to 1 million Instagram followers, he’s likely pulling in some serious cash. My rough calculations suggest he could be making over $1.3 million annually. Considering his income, assets, and debts, I’d ballpark his net worth at around $2.5 million.

Calculating Damon Fryer’s Net Worth

To figure out Damon Fryer’s net worth, I had to consider a few things: how much he earns, what he owns, and what he owes. Fun fact: he started in email marketing before branching into YouTube and Instagram, showing he’s got business smarts. Let’s dig into his yearly earnings, major possessions, and debts. This will give us a clearer picture of his overall net worth.

Damon Fryer’s Annual Income


For automotive influencers, YouTube is a goldmine. With ad money and sponsorships, big channels can rake in millions yearly. Damon Fryer’s smart move was transitioning his blog followers to YouTube, turning those clicks into views, and boosting his earnings.

Damon Fryer’s Annual Income

As a YouTube Partner, Damon earns a cut from ads shown before his videos. With around 400,000 daily views, he can make roughly $1,600 each day just from ads. With over 12 million monthly views, he likely pockets over $48,000 monthly from ad revenue alone.


Damon Fryer’s Instagram presence is solid, with 1.3 million followers combined. With his posts gathering 50,000 to 100,000 likes, he’s prime for sponsored content. Plus, he’s savvy in promoting his brand and latest projects, leveraging Instagram’s platform for product sales. His captivating snapshots of the exotic car lifestyle keep his followers engaged and coming back for more.

DailyDrivenExotics Media Entertainment Company

DailyDrivenExotics is Damon Fryer’s main gig, apart from his personal Instagram and vlogs. Through a members-only website and taking his cars to shows worldwide, he shares his passion with fans. The aim? Encouraging folks to enjoy and drive their exotic cars, not just stash them away. This message resonated, quickly building him a big following. Damon’s clever move to turn his car passion into a successful business speaks volumes about his smarts.

Damon Fryer’s Most Significant Assets

Damon Fryer Cars

Damon’s big draw? His ever-evolving collection of exotic cars. Always up to something wild with them, he keeps his audience hooked. Though he’s not afraid to push his cars to the limit, even crashing them, it’s all part of his message: don’t baby your rides. Smartly, he sells them off when it’s time, maximizing his profit with each sale. He’s got the knack for turning his wheels into wealth.

Social Media

In the lifestyle biz, social media’s key. Damon’s huge following is a goldmine for businesses. With millions of subscribers and followers, he’s scoring advertising and sponsorship deals, boosting his net worth—and fueling more Lambo buys, naturally.


Damon Fryer isn’t just a social media star—he’s got a knack for business. Starting with email marketing, he mastered affiliate marketing over the years. His skills built his brand and business. With a members-only site selling merch and more, he’s diversifying smartly. As his audience grows, expect Damon to keep expanding into new ventures.

Damon Fryer’s liabilities

His cars

Damon splurges most of his cash on cars, but they’re a double-edged sword. While they’re valuable assets, they also come with hefty expenses. From insurance to maintenance and repairs, the costs add up fast, especially with exotic rides. Take, for instance, his Ferrari 488 GTB—a cool purchase, but it needed a whopping $25,000 in repairs right out of the gate!

Family Life

Damon Fryer is all about family. He’s been happily married to Natasha for years, and together they’re raising three amazing daughters in their beautiful home in Vancouver, Canada. Their house is like something out of a dream, with plenty of space for everyone and even a little something extra – like a gym addition that Damon proudly showed off in one of his vlogs.

Damon Fryer Family
Source: Starktimes

They’re not afraid to splurge a little either, treating themselves to luxuries like designer clothes and fancy face masks during the quarantine. But it’s not just about material things – Damon and Natasha invest in their kids’ education, sending them to private schools to give them the best start in life. For Damon, providing for his family and giving them the best of everything is what it’s all about.

Bills And Taxes

Living large also means hefty bills. Damon’s got to factor in property tax, income tax, and corporate tax, which can add up. And running his business? Well, that’s a whole other ball game. From paying his employees to stocking up on parts, the costs must be sky-high.

Canada’s not exactly known for its low taxes either. They’re some of the highest globally. Corporate taxes can hit a whopping 38% in the top bracket. Now, Damon’s a millionaire, but he’s probably not shelling out that much. Still, you can bet he’s writing some hefty checks come tax time. It’s all part of the game when you’re living the high life.

Damon Fryer’s Net Worth

After looking at Damon Fryer’s earnings, what he owns, and what he owes, I figure his net worth is around $2.5 million or so. Damon’s nailed it with his passion for cars, building up his social media following, and creating content that clicks with loads of folks. And hey, his fan base just keeps on growing, so it looks like his bank balance will too!

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