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Welcome to “All Girls Garage”! This awesome show follows three talented ladies—Bogi Lateiner, Cristy Lee, and Rachel De Barros—as they tackle everything under the hood. Now, let’s zoom in on Bogi, the grease-loving guru. Married to her passion for cars, Bogi’s net worth is as impressive as her skills. But it’s not all about wrenches and ratchets for her; when she’s not revving engines on screen, she’s probably off exploring new roads or chilling with her beloved pets. So, buckle up, because Bogi’s story is one heck of a ride!

Personal Life

Nope, Sarah Lateiner isn’t hitched or a mom yet, but she’s cool with it. She’s got a bustling schedule between work and travel, which leaves little time for romance. So, no boyfriend is on the horizon either!

Is it balancing all this and a relationship? Phew, that’s a tall order for her right now. She’s open to finding her Mr. Right when the stars align.

As for kiddos, Bogi’s all about them. She dreams of having her mini-me’s someday, but for now, her work crew is her family, and she’s loving it.

Stay tuned for updates on Bogi Lateiner’s marital status!

Sarah Lateiner Bio

Full NameSarah Lateiner
NicknameBogi Lateiner
Date of birth15th December 1977
Age46 years (as of December 2023)
Zodiac signSagittarius
Place of birthFlushing, New York City, USA
HometownMontclair, New Jersey, United States
OccupationMechanic, entrepreneur, educator, reality television personality
Educational backgroundLaw & Society and Women’s Studies

Wiki and Biography

Sarah, a 46-year-old native of Flushing, Queens, spent her early years in Montclair, North Jersey, alongside her sister Jenny. Growing up, her folks had their hearts set on her becoming a lawyer, but Sarah had other plans. She followed her passion for fixing cars, despite her parents’ wishes.

Skipping the law books, she dove into mechanic studies at the Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix. Though she faced hurdles breaking into a male-dominated field, she persisted. Landing a job at BMW dealerships came with its own set of challenges, but Sarah’s determination never wavered.

Eventually, fed up with frustrations, she took matters into her own greasy hands. Quitting her dealership job, she hustled for gigs wherever she could find them. Sarah’s skills spoke for themselves, and the demand for her services soon grew too loud to ignore.

Leasing space and hiring assistants, she birthed her mechanic shop. As for romance, Sarah’s still flying solo. No news of a boyfriend yet, but who knows what lies under the hood of her love life?

All Girls Garage Sarah Lateiner
Source: Instagram @bogisgarage

Sarah Lateiner Career

After joining the BMW STEP program, Bogi landed a gig as a Dealer Technician in New York for six weeks, honing her skills. Then, in 2006, she kicked off her venture right in her driveway, which later blossomed into 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix, Arizona. Starting small with just a two-car repair setup, she steadily grew her business. Within six years, Bogi expanded, hired six employees, and acquired a two-story building. She utilized the first floor for auto repairs and hosted women’s car classes upstairs. It’s incredible how far determination and hard work can take you.


Bogi is known for her zeal in teaching and encouraging women to join the automotive world. Her efforts have gained attention from various publications, both within and outside the industry. She’s a vocal advocate for addressing the gender gap in automotive.

In addition to offering jobs exclusively to women, Bogi established another shop where experts gather to exchange insights. She’s also lent her expertise to numerous businesses nationwide.

Bogi Lateiner’s TV shows:

Bogi shines as a co-host on the popular TV series, All Girls Garage. This show isn’t just about fixing cars; it’s about empowering women through car-care classes and evaluating repair shops. Alongside fellow hosts like Chrisy Lee, Rachel DeBarros, and Faye Hadley, Bogi tackles tricky vehicle repairs and exciting projects.

Who is Bogi on MotorTrend?

Sarah Lateiner, also known as Bogi on MotorTrend, wears many hats – she’s an auto mechanic, educator, reality TV star, and runs her own small business.

Is Garage Squad still being made?

Garage Squad has become a hit on MotorTrend, drawing in viewers and indicating it’s here to stay. With its successful 10-episode, eight-season run wrapping up in December 2022, it’s clear this show has made its mark.

Sarah Lateiner Net Worth

Bogi found her passion for fixing things early on, leading her to become a mechanic despite it being a male-dominated field. Her determination is truly inspiring. Apart from tinkering with cars, she loves traveling, DIY projects, hanging out with friends, taking care of her poultry, and writing. She also dedicates time to community service. Bogi’s diverse talents have earned her a net worth of around $5 million. She’s a role model for women and girls everywhere, showing that with hard work and passion, anything is possible.

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