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Moto Madness, a YouTube favorite with 4.67 million subscribers, started its journey back in 2007 from Australia. Now, you might wonder about their net worth and earnings. Pinning exact figures isn’t easy, but let’s take a close guess together.

What is Moto Madness’s Net Worth?

Moto Madness is estimated to be worth roughly $454.97 thousand.

Based on our data, we estimate that Moto Madness could be worth around $454.97 thousand. There’s more to the story! Experts suggest that when you take into account other sources of revenue, Moto Madness might be worth closer to $636.96 thousand. So, while we can’t say for sure, their true net worth may be higher than what we initially thought.

Moto Madness Net Worth
Source: Motosquad

How Much Does Moto Madness Earn?

Moto Madness makes around $113.74 thousand annually.

Ever wondered how much Moto Madness pulls in? Well, here’s the scoop: Their YouTube channel racks up about 1.9 million views monthly, which breaks down to roughly 63.19 thousand views each day. That’s a lot of eyeballs glued to their content.

When it comes to making dough on YouTube, it’s all about those views. Monetized channels rake in cash from ads, typically snagging $3 to $7 for every thousand views. Based on Moto Madness’s stats, they could be pocketing around $7.58 thousand monthly and $113.74 thousand annually just from ads alone. But hold onto your helmets, folks! With other revenue streams like product sales and sponsorships in the mix, they could be banking even more – possibly over $204.74 thousand yearly. So yeah, they’re not just revving engines; they’re revving up the cash flow too!

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