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Scotty Kilmer is pretty famous in the car world. You might’ve heard of him from YouTube; he’s got over 6 million subscribers! He’s like the go-to guy for fixing cars yourself. What’s cool is, he’s not just some random dude; he’s got a master’s degree from the University of Illinois. Plus, he’s been fixing cars for like 50 years now. So, when he talks about cars, you know he knows his stuff. Whether you’re a DIY mechanic or just love cars, his channel is where you wanna be.

Early life

Before Scotty became a YouTube sensation, he wrote a book called “Everyone’s Guide To Buying A Used Car” back in ’94. Pretty cool, right? Oh, and he even hosted a show called “Crank It Up” on CBS, which won an Emmy Award. Fast forward to 2007, and he made his mark on YouTube, racking up a whopping 2.6 billion views! His videos cover everything from fixing cars to giving away tools, and he does it all with this contagious enthusiasm.

But wait, there’s more to Scotty’s success than just YouTube ads. He’s got his hands in merchandise sales, book royalties, and affiliate commissions. And let me tell you, his dedication to pumping out content has paid off big time, making him a top dog in the automotive influencer world. Despite all the rumors flying around, people still trust Scotty for solid car advice and good entertainment.

Now, about that net worth question? Well, that’s a mystery only Scotty knows. But let’s just say, he’s doing pretty darn well for himself.

What is Scotty Kilmer’s net worth?

While Scotty Kilmer’s exact net worth remains a mystery, sites like Net Worth Spot suggest it could be around $7.3 million. But hold on, that might just scratch the surface. With income pouring in from various sources, some experts think he could be sitting on as much as $10.22 million!

And hey, it’s not just YouTube ads bringing in the cash. Scotty’s got his line of merch too, including T-shirts and other cool stuff you can snag on his website. So, not only are you showing love for Scotty, but you’re also helping pad his pockets a bit more. Smart move, right?

Scotty Kilmer's net worth
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Amazon Affiliate Commissions

Scotty Kilmer isn’t just about YouTube; he’s tapped into the Amazon Affiliate program too. So, when you buy stuff through his links, he gets a cut. It’s a win-win: you trust his advice, and he makes a little extra dough. Smart move, right? It’s like turning his influence into cash while helping out his audience at the same time.

Book Sales

Scotty’s not just a YouTube star; he’s written books too, like “Everyone’s Guide To Buying A Used Car.” People dig ’em, which isn’t surprising considering his know-how. These books fly off the shelves, giving readers solid car advice they can hold onto. It’s not just about online content; Scotty’s spreading his wisdom in print too, and fans love it.

Other Income Sources

On YouTube, Scotty’s not just relying on ads. He’s got this whole range of money-making features, like YouTube Premium, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks. It’s pretty cool because fans can support him directly during live streams or by engaging with his videos. Oh, and there’s even a Shopping feature where Scotty can showcase his merch right on YouTube. He’s turned his channel into a mini-store, making money in all sorts of ways beyond just ads. Other creators could learn a thing or two from his hustle.

How much does Scotty Kilmer earn?

Scotty Kilmer earns an estimated $1.83 million a year.

Scotty Kilmer’s fans are always curious about his earnings. So, let’s break it down. His YouTube channel pulls in around 30.42 million views monthly, or about 1.01 million views daily.

Now, YouTube pays creators like Scotty a few bucks for every thousand views, usually between $3 to $7. So, if we do the math, he could be making around $121.69 thousand per month, or $1.83 million a year. But hold on, that might be a lowball estimate.

Some reckon he could be raking in up to $3.29 million annually. And that’s not even counting other money-makers like sponsorships, product sales, and gigs. Scotty’s not hurting for cash.

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