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She is an Australian social media celebrity and vlogger. Her interest and enthusiasm for sports cars is the main reason behind her popularity. She made videos related to sports cars and upload them on YouTube and Instagram. Supercar Blondie’s net worth is $27 million according to different resources.

She has a big fan following on social media platforms and remains active on all of her accounts. She has 17 million followers on YouTube and 15.5 million on Instagram. This social media video creation is the primary source of income for supercar Blondie. Her real name is Alex Hirschi, and she belongs from Brisbane, Australia.

Supercar Blondie’s Early Life and Biography

She was born in Brisbane, Australia, on the 21st of September 1985, and she spent her childhood in Queensland City and completed her early education. She was fascinated by the sports car from her childhood. Her passion for the sports car led her to make it a source of money. Her real name is Alexandra Mary Hirschi.

Although she turned her passion into her professional life, she got her degree in journalism & business from the Queensland University of Technology. She has nationality in Australia. She is now a well-known vlogger, presenter, and social media celebrity in Australia. Currently, she is living in Dubai.

Supercar Blondie’s Professional Career

The celebrated named girl Alex started her career as a radio broadcaster in Dubai. She moved to Dubai in the year of 2008. At that time, she worked as a presenter and newsreader for Dubai Eye 103.8 radio station. Being on the radio, she interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal and John Travolta about the sports car.

After this, she decided to use her passion and fascination for a sports cars by making it a profession in 2018. She started to operate social media accounts which got millions of followers nowadays. She drives and reviews different sports cars such as BMW, Bugatti, etc., advertising these companies.

Supercars Blondie’s Social Media Accounts

She has an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page, making her the most popular automotive influencer in Dubai. Due to her passion, she got millions of followers on her social media accounts. In addition, she is a full-time video creator, and people love to watch her videos constantly.

Her Facebook account has 54 million followers and 17 million followers on YouTube and 15.5 million followers on Instagram. She makes money from these accounts by promoting different sports car brands. All of her passion earns the supercar Blondie net worth that she gave to endorse sports cars.

Supercar Blondie’s Achievements

She made many achievements because of her interest in sports cars as a female. When she started giving all of her time to being an automotive influencer in Dubai, she knew she would prove herself to the world. Supercar Blondie was listed in the top 30 most influential women in the United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, her biggest award is that she was featured in one of the top reality shows in America, “Top Gear”. She was part of the show, which took place in Abu Dhabi. First, she hosted a TV show named “car crews.” Then she showed her appearance on a car show as a representative of La Ferrari Aperta and Bugatti L’Or Blanc.

Supercar Blondie Net Worth

Supercar Blondie Net Worth

She made all of the money from her social media accounts. She monetizes the ads that come on her videos. Moreover, she gets money from promoting different brands of sports cars on her accounts. That’s why Supercar Blondie’s net worth is huge in such a short time. Supercar Blondie’s net worth is $27 million.

Supercar Blondie’s Personal Life

The 35-year social media influencer is married to Nik Hirschi, who plays a major role in her professional life. He performs double roles by being a cameraman and manager of Alexandra’s social media accounts videos creation. He was a former banker but left the job in 2018 and gave his full time to his wife’s career.


Supercar Blondie has made her career on her own by using the proper way of her passion. She proved herself to the world’s women that they can do everything they want to do without respect for gender. So she has become a role model and sensation for women who wanted to make their passion a career.

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