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Faye Hadley, born Lafayette Lewis on September 25, 1986, is breaking stereotypes in the car world. She’s not just any mechanic; she’s a boss lady in a guy-dominated industry! From fixing cars on the go with her Pistons and PixieDust repair service to co-hosting MotorTrend’s All Girls Garage, Faye does it all. Plus, she’s big on spreading her knowledge and hosting workshops for women through Women And Machine. With a degree in psychology from Harvard, she’s all about combining her smarts with her love for cars. Living in Texas with her hubby Brandon Hadley, Faye’s showing the world that girls can rev engines too! And hey, she’s worth $500,000—impressive.

Quick Facts About Faye Hadley

NameFaye Hadley
Date of birth25th September 1986
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthUSA
ProfessionAutomotive Technician
EducationHarvard University (Psychology in 2010)
HusbandBrandon Hadley
Net Worth$500,000
Original NameLafayette Lewis

Early life

Faye Hadley, born on September 25, 1986, is all about embracing her American roots. She grew up in a Christian household, her dad even earned his Ph.D. from MIT. School was a breeze for her; she was always eager to learn.

But things took an unexpected turn when, in middle school, she discovered her love for fixing things, especially cars. Yet, the pressure to attend Harvard after being accepted was immense. So off she went, got her degree in psychology in 2010, and became a therapist.

Yet, deep down, Faye knew her true calling lay elsewhere. It took a heart-to-heart with her mom to realize that she needed to follow her passion. So, with tears and courage, she quit her therapy job and moved to Portland. Then, ten years later, she found herself settling in San Antonio, where she founded Pistons & Pixie Dust—a mobile repair service and a haven for women looking to learn mechanics.

Harvard wasn’t all about books for Faye. A chance encounter with a traveler sparked her desire to explore. Dropping her on-campus classes, she hit the road in a Volkswagen GTI, exploring the vastness of the United States.

Now at 33, Faye’s journey is still unfolding, with more tales about her upbringing and family yet to be shared. But one thing’s for sure, her passion for fixing cars and empowering women is what drives her forward.

Married life

Faye Hadley’s love story is one for the books. She tied the knot with her best friend and partner, Brandon Hadley, on her birthday in 2016. Surrounded by loved ones, they began their journey as a married couple, although our invitation must’ve gotten lost in the mail.

Faye Hadley was married to Brandon Hadley
Source: Instagram @pistonsandpixiedust

Their romance blossomed long before the wedding bells chimed. Brandon’s first Instagram post featuring them together was back in 2015, and from then on, they’ve been inseparable. Exploring the country on Brandon’s motorcycle became their shared adventure.

Brandon, a talented wood artist, proposed to Faye at the start of 2016, and she said yes with joy. Their love is evident in the craftsmanship of Brandon’s work, proudly displayed on Instagram. It seems Faye found herself a partner as handy and creative as she is.

As for kids, well, they’re not in the cards just yet, but who knows what the future holds? For now, Faye and Brandon are content building their life together, hand in hand, one woodworking project and road trip at a time.


Faye always excelled in school, perhaps thanks to her father’s MIT background. But despite her knack for academics, her heart was set on becoming a mechanic since middle school. However, the allure of Harvard University changed her plans.

Once at Harvard, doubts crept in during her first semester, sparking her first real crisis. She questioned if college was the right path for her. It was a tough time, but little did she know, it was just the beginning of her remarkable journey.


After obtaining her psychology degree, Faye dove into the world of therapy to make ends meet. But it didn’t quite fulfill her. So, she packed her bags and headed to Portland to chase her dreams.

She started by offering her services for free at a local garage, tapping into the skills she picked up from classes at a nearby community college. Soon, she found herself at a Toyota dealership, soaking up every bit of knowledge and earning multiple certifications.

However, Faye’s thirst for learning led her to a specialized garage working on antique cars. There, she honed her craft even further. Eventually, she leaped and established Piston & Pixie Dust in San Antonio—a haven for women to learn about cars and avoid being taken advantage of in the automotive world.

Through her workshops, she shares valuable insights, from navigating car purchases to understanding engine basics, empowering women one wrench turn at a time.

Faye Hadley TV Shows

Faye Hadley made her mark in the automotive world by joining the cast of the hit TV show “All Girls Garage.” Alongside Sarah ‘Bogi‘ Lateiner and previously Cristy Lee, they inspire women and girls to dive into the automotive industry. Through the show, they share repair tips and demonstrate transforming old cars into new ones.

But Faye’s TV appearances don’t stop there. She’s also a part of “Motor MythBusters,” where she busts common misconceptions alongside Tory Belleci, Bisi Ezerioha, and other industry experts.

Her fame soared even higher when she appeared on “Best of Top Gear,” rubbing shoulders with hot rod designers and reality TV stars. With thousands of fans on social media, Faye’s journey from the garage to the screen continues to inspire aspiring mechanics and car enthusiasts everywhere.

All Girls Garage Bogi Faye Hadley
Source: Hotcars

Faye Hadley’s Net Worth

Faye earns most of her money as an auto technician and through her business, Pixie & PixieDust. Her net worth is around $500,000.

Interesting Facts About Faye Hadley

  • Back in the early 2000s, Faye got her start in the automotive world thanks to Jesse, a seasoned car expert who introduced her to the local VW club. Jesse became her mentor, teaching her the ins and outs of engine swaps and repairs.
  • Before diving fully into the car scene, Faye worked for the government testing various automobile components. However, her passion for teaching and sharing knowledge led her to enroll in classes to bolster her automotive skills.
  • With her newfound expertise, she opened her garage, “Pistons and Pixie Dust.” While Sarah Bogi initially ran All Girls Garage in Phoenix, Arizona, Faye stepped in to co-host alongside Rachel De Barros, showcasing her talents as a Toyota Specialist and ASE Certified Master Technician.
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