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Nico Erik Rosberg is a German-Finish former racing car driver, who won the World Championship of car racing for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport in 2016. He has only one child Keke Rosberg and his wife Sina Rosberg; he was brought up in Monaco. His hobbies are Football, snowboarding, tennis, ski, soccer, climbing, and backgammon. He is 178cm tall, Rosberg speaks five languages English, french, german, Italian, and Spanish.

Early Life

Nico Erik Rosberg was born in West Germany on 27 June 1985; He is a former car racing driver from Germany who has won the one World Championship in 2016 for Mercedes-AMG Motorsport. He races for his country in Formula 1. At the start of his career, he also ran for Finland; he holds the dual nationality of West Germany and Finland. Rosberg started go-kart racing at the age of six years old, and after four years, he started his career in Formula 1.

Nico Rosberg


Rosberg started competitive go-kart racing when he was only six years old after four years he started his professional career for car racing in Formula 1. He got early success, winning regional and national French Championship before going to European series and international tournaments.

His first win was in 2012 at the Chinese Grand Prix, and the last is in 2016 at the Japanese Grand Prix, he won 23 titles in his name. His father backed his karting career in 2000. RosbergSnr used his Mercedes to return connection for Nico with the support of great Karting boss Dino Chiese.

The Grand Prix was an exciting win in terms of competitiveness in recent years, Nico Rosberg in very last year won the world championship in Abu Dhabi GB where he needed to finish 5th or above in Hamilton finished first. The full year is full of drama in the Mercedes camp with Hamilton failing an engine two times in a year and crashing out once by collision with Rosberg himself.

Nico Rosberg F1 Career

Mercedes Benz McLaren contested the Rosberg and McLaren’s with the young driver Lewis Hamilton in the 2000 Formula A championship. This pair ended their year at the top of the championship points table Hamilton ahead of Rosberg. However, Rosberg did it first F1, he stepped up to some upper-level German Formula BMW championship in 2002 and won the nine series out of 17 races and 264 winning scoring points to Maximillian Got’z 183 scoring points.

After this, the next two years, Rosberg spent in the Formula Three Euro series driving for his father’s bearing team.

He was eight years old when his first single win in 2003 and also the excellent start of 2004 with a pair of wins. At the end of the fourth season, he was the only who won twice more in a year, Rosberg got one point from Hamilton on his debut.

The new category GP2, designed as a going towards the Formula 1, was the destination of Rosberg’s of 2005. He was admitted to the Alexandre Premat in the ART team and enjoyed a season with Heikki Kovalainen for the racing championship. There were remarkable performance advantages over their wins in the one-make series. The team had made their car’s column in half of a season; in spite, these changes the ART pair remained the fastest and quickest.

Rosberg won the leadership of the championship from Kovalainen with three races left and won by 15 points with five wins, and a total of 12 podium finishes. His father’s team became a champion 24 years ago.

However, he achieved his dream to become a world champion, but he could win more like a champion racer. He could not defend his champion’s title when Mercedes manufactured a high-quality car Ferrari in recent years.

There was only one option left with Rosberg retiring at the peak of his career; It was the best decision Rosberg could have taken in those conditions, which were suitable for himself and his team.

Nico Rosberg NetWorth

Nico Rosberg Net Worth

Nico Rosberg was born in West Germany on 27 June 1985; his net worth is $55 Million. His father was former world champion Keke Rosberg, and Nico took part in Finland at the starting of his career after this he moved to Germany. He earned $15 to $20 Million at the peak of his career.

Latest Update: January 1, 2024

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