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Lewis Hamilton is a racing car driver and was born in London United Kingdom on 7 January 1985. The full name of Lewis is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, and he has British nationality. Lewis earned a lot of money per year and won 5 world championships. He would date many models and pop stars. Lewis is still alive and 35 years old. He is one of the best car riders in history and still has the same profession. He also does charity for African children and animals.

Early life

Lewis Hamilton was 4-5 years old, and his parents divorced. He went with his mother to live, and his father married again Nicolas. After a few years, Lewis went to his father and started to live with his father or stepmother. He dreamed of his childhood to become a car rider, and he won many local competitions. The Lewis father observed the interest of his son and gifted him a car on Chrismitis. He also appreciates Lewis and supports him to complete his dream.

Lewis Hamilton Early life


He started his career in 1998 and worked as a car rider with the McLaren young driver program. He is also a member of the Mercedes team in 2013 and won the 5 F1 championships in the world. He is the world champion of car riding and also worked with the British Formula Renault Winter Series in 2001. The McLaren young driver program offered Lewis as an F1 formulation driver in 2007 Australia, and he accepted.

In 2008 lewis won the F1 formulation world championship and became more famous. In 2017-2018 Lewis got the title of world champion. In 2019 he also won one more F1 championship and earned a lot of money. In history, the Lewis is a very high-demanding and the most luxurious car rider.

Lewis Hamilton Career

Personal Life

In 2007 first time Lewis started dating Nicole Scherzinger but did not marry her. The reason is that they both do not compromise with their career and want to continue their professional life. In 2011 they again patched up, and Lewis again started dating Nicole from 2011-2015. After 2015 they finally left each other, and Lewis is still single.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

As of 2023, Lewis Hamilton’s Net worth is $285 Million dollars. He earned money from rewards and game shows. He also received $50 million from enrolment, and also he has lived in an 8,900-square-foot flat. He is the largest flat in the building.

Latest Update: January 1, 2024

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