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FAW is a Chinese automotive manufacturing company with its headquarters in Changchun, Jilin, China. The company was established in 1953. It has manufactured a countless number of vehicles till date including trucks, buses and much more. At present, FAW is the largest company in Asia.

As for as, FAW logo is concerned, it was introduced in 1953. The logo is a “winged 1” badge derived from the Chines lettering, which means “First Automotive.” The word “1” also has eagle-shaped wings, the blue eagle in the visual scene describing the China FAW.

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Meaning And History Of FAW

FAW Logo history

FAW is a well-known brand manufacturing the best quality automobile and other automobiles for many years. The emblem of the company was manufactured back in 1953 and has remained unchanged to date. It is undoubtedly the company’s identity and shows the company’s roots, history, and legacy.

FAW Logo Through Different Decades

In the start, the background color of the logo was black, but it has been changed and not blue. It is the most noticeable change which you can witness in the logo. Moreover, the emblem is oval-shaped and has the letter “1” in the center. While, on both sides of this number, you can find wing-shaped structures, they are the wings of an eagle.

Remember, the number “1” was not selected without any thought; it let you know that FAW is the number automaker. And the wings, which are wings of an eagle, show the Chinese hieroglyphs and thus make the company’s name.

In 2000, a few changes were made and till present nothing has been changed in this logo. In that year, just a few changes were made to refine it and make it more prominent. You can get a bold custom logotype just below the badge, which was introduced in 2000.

FAW logo

The logo has a very smooth, sharp, and bold look. This logo’s blue and white colors hows the company’s reliability, protection, and incredible qualities. And, neat and clean contours add more value to this logo and make it more valuable.

The logotype has been written in the customized sans-serif typeface, and all the letters are in uppercase. Moreover, all the bold lines are present with unique and distinct cuts.

The present logo comes in a beautiful contrast of blue and grey. The outline of this three-dimensional badge is white and silvery, which adds more value to it. And this is the reason; all automobiles get a unique and different look with this badge.


FAW is a Chinese company working for a long time and providing us with premium-quality automobiles and their parts. The logo of the company is pretty different and unique. It has a beautiful contrast of blue and white colors.

The number! Present in the center shows signifies the uniqueness and worth considering qualities of the company and its products. Moreover, the sharp edges and font style make the logo more appealing and attractive.

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