2025 BMW X3: Everything We Know About Munich’s Premium Compact SUV

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The first X3 hit the roads over 20 years ago. Since then, BMW rolled out two more versions, with the latest in 2017. In today’s speedy car world, 7 years can make a vehicle seem old-fashioned. BMW knows this and is gearing up for the fourth-gen X3 soon.

We’ve been catching glimpses of BMW’s answer to the Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC for a while now. Even though deciphering its design under all that camouflage was a challenge, some talented artists managed to reveal its secrets. But today, we’re not just talking about another computer-generated image. We’re diving into the details with the most credible information we’ve got.

Family Styling on the Outside

The current BMW X3 is already a stunner among premium compact crossovers, taking cues from its bigger sibling, the X5. It seems BMW is sticking with a winning formula, as recent test models suggest an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, design update.

Not a fan of that bucktooth grille? Join the club! It seems BMW got the memo too. The upcoming X3 is ditching the oversized grille for a more classic look, though it might be a bit taller. Plus, the new headlights come with a fresh daytime running light style to boot.

The latest trend for lower bumper design includes a big air intake split by a vertical slat. BMW’s team went with this look for the next X3. The classic BMW badge stays put on the hood. The backside got a makeover too, with new taillights, a redesigned tailgate with a spot for the license plate, and changes to the bumper, diffuser, and spoiler.

Front and rear overhangs? Pretty much unchanged. BMW kept the roofline straight to maintain backseat headroom and cargo space. If you’re eyeing something more compact, the X4 might interest you. Rumor has it, it could even go electric down the line.

2025 BMW X3
Source: bmwakron

New and Techier Cockpit

Our team got near a new model and took some pics inside. Guess what? The dashboard’s got this cool curved widescreen that takes up a big part. Behind it, there’s a fancy digital instrument panel and the entertainment system. And hey, the rotary iDrive selector is still around, just like fans hoped.

Inside, they’ve got this OS9 iDrive system going on. Oh, and forget about the regular gear shifter; it’s now a toggle switch. The steering wheel got a makeover too, with different buttons and reshaped spokes. They’re also adding new ambient lighting, more tech stuff, and better safety features. But you know the drill – the really fancy leather seats and top-notch extras are probably for the high-end versions.

Even though it might feel snug with five on a long trip, they say the new BMW X3’s trunk is getting a boost. Some sources say it’s about 0.71 cubic feet more – that’s like adding 20 liters! Perfect for squeezing in that extra grocery bag on your quick store run.

Family Platform and the Usual Powertrain Assortment

Underneath the sleek exterior, BMW has revamped the CLAR architecture for the new X3. They’ve tinkered with the chassis and brakes, even widened the front track and added a new steering rack. So, we’re hoping this means smoother rides and improved handling, especially around those tricky bends. Just our thoughts on it.

BMW is playing coy about the powertrain specifics, but word on the street is they’ll roll out 2.0-liter gasoline and diesel engines in Europe. These babies are rumored to come with mild-hybrid tech and xDrive all-wheel drive as standard. Plus, there’s whispers of a plug-in hybrid and a potential successor to the M40i, possibly named the M50 xDrive. Exciting stuff.

Wondering what engines will be under the hood of the next-gen BMW X3 in the US? While nothing’s confirmed, it’s a safe bet we’ll see the 30 xDrive and the M50 xDrive. And keep an eye out for the iX3, an all-new electric model slated for 2026. Exciting times ahead.

2025 BMW X3
Source: bmwakron

When Is It Due?

BMW hasn’t given any hints about when we’ll see the new X3, but predictions are flying. Some say it’ll debut before year-end, while others point to August. Our bet? August seems likely, marking seven years since the current X3 hit the road in 2017.

We’re pumped for the new BMW X3—it’s shaping up to be a standout in the premium compact crossover scene. Expect a slight uptick in price compared to the current model.

Here’s the price rundown: The 2024 X3 sDrive30i starts at $46,900, while the xDrive30i is $48,900. If you’re eyeing the X3 M40i, it’s $61,900. And for top-tier performance, the X3 M kicks off at $75,500, packing a punch with either 473 or 503 horsepower, depending on your choice.

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