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With the actual name of James Lucas Condon, he is a famous automotive Youtuber and a car enthusiast living in America. Today, the TheStradman net worth is standing at 5 million dollars. He is a Youtuber and a famous car seller in America, which helps him reach such a position presently.

In the field of famous automotive Youtubers, he stands on the top of the list, and almost everyone who takes an interest in cars knows him. He belongs to the United States of America. He went through his dreams, and now his dreams are fulfilling all his luxurious needs.

TheStradman’s Childhood and Early Life

Lucas, aka TheStradman, was born in Oregon, United States of America, on the 7th of May 1989. TheStradman belonged to a middle-class family and spent his childhood there quite happily. He always took an interest in automotive, and his love for cars grew passionately with age.

He studied accounting at a college situated in the Oregon State of America. Before becoming a Youtuber, he worked as an accountant, but his interest in cars let him keep the other side. After this, he left his job and took a step for fulfilling his passion for cars.

TheStradman’s Professional Career

He opened his YouTube channel in 2012 when he was quitting his job in construction finance. He wanted to make his passion his professional career, and by doing this, he will become rich and famous. With this mindset, he uploaded his first video in July 2012, in which he showed himself driving a 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS.

On the other hand, he owns a car selling a business, which is now paying off because he is very famous in America. His YouTube account helped him to grow his business to such a position. TheStradman net worth is made by the combination of his YouTube and business income collectively.

TheStradman’s YouTube Channel:

As we told you earlier, he started his YouTube channel back in 2012, and after the hard work of nine years, he now has 3.5 million subscribers on the channel. He posted a total of 919 videos up till now, and people love his content. The views on his YouTube channel are almost 782.48 million, which is considered a crazy amount.

All of the videos get millions of views almost. Still, his top three videos on the channel are “The Best Hypercars of Monterey car Week!, Regera Centenario, LaFerrari, Agera XS, and FULL TOUR OF THE SUPERCAR COLLECTION. He named the YouTube channel after the name of his favorite car.

TheStradman Net Worth

TheStradman’s Online Merchandise

He comes with his own online business, and he earns a significant amount of money from it. He has an official online website where he sells Merchandise to his followers and fans. His online Merchandise includes accessories, clothing, and special edition.

In the clothing section, you can get jackets, hoodies, tee shirts, etc. Under the accessories section, only three things are available such as socks, school bags, and stainless steel water bottles. He made almost 100 thousand dollars from his online Merchandise yearly.

TheStradman’s Net Worth

He earned all of his net worth from different businesses, including online Merchandise, selling cars, and YouTube channels. TheStradman net worth is 5 million dollars which he got by fulfilling his dreams in the automotive field.


TheStradman’s story tells the world that everyone can fulfill their dreams at any age. Always make your passion the professional career rather than making money from a source that makes you feel bored. He quit his job in which he was getting more money because his interest was always in cars. Now he is very famous and rich too.

Latest Update: January 1, 2024

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