A Complete Guide To Equipping Your Kid For Off-Road Riding

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As we all know, motocross or dirt bike riding can be quite dangerous, even for those already familiar with the sport. Biking is easy, but riding a motocross bike is difficult. With kids, this becomes even more complicated.

Crashes are one of the most frequent occurrences in dirt biking. And if the rider is not well-protected, they may be subject to serious damage. Speed and riding conditions are the two main reasons that make dirt biking challenging.

The riding tracks are often in the middle of the mountains. There are many natural obstacles such as trees, trunks, branches, stones, and mud that can lead to accidents. For all these reasons, the kids motocross gear is crucial to the sport.

With proper protective gear on, your kid will feel safe and enjoy the ride. This article talks in detail about the various kids motocross gear. This will help you equip your champ for unwanted accidents. Take a look.

The Kid’s Motocross Gear

Helmet Gear

The helmet is the most important gear on this list. It protects the head from possible accidents that may happen during riding. Kid or adult, no one should be allowed to ride without a helmet. The head is one of the vital parts of our body. If something happens, you can even suffer serious injury and even death. It is advisable to use and buy a good helmet.

Neck Protector

Most motocross riders do not use this piece of equipment because it makes looking sideways difficult. The neck protector protects the spine from bumps or falls that could lead to injuries of the spine. We would advise using this equipment always when dealing with children. When it comes to kids, extra protection is always welcome.

Collect the whole

A body vest is another important piece of equipment you can’t ignore. It protects the entire lower back, back, chest, shoulders, elbows, and forearm. Bear in mind that the kind of protection that the vests provide in the chest area can’t be discounted.

Some jackets only cover half of the chest, owing to the design and aesthetics. We’d recommend not to go with such vests. When it comes to dirt biking and your kid’s safety, safety should matter more than aesthetics. The vest should be seen as a protective jacket for motocross.

Motocross protective Pants

The pants are essential for falls on the road with stones and to protect the legs from possible branches or trees that may come in the way. So, your kid must have protection in the knees and hips. There are quality motocross pants available in the market that do a good job of protecting the rider’s lower body. Make sure you get quality motocross pants for your little champ.

Knee and shin protection

Another important piece of equipment concerning the protection of the lower limbs is protective knee gear. When riding in rough terrain, it’s normal to jump on the rocks and branches. These can hit the rider’s legs at great speeds. So, kids need to use knee pads and shin guards for motocross to avoid injuries in the knees and shins.

Motocross Boots

Motocross boots are part of the protection arsenal for your kid. Remember, your kid’s feet are constantly touching the ground during riding. To balance the bike, bypass an obstacle, pass a curve, or even get a good grip on the bike, boots are important. The boots need to be of good quality and should comfort the rider throughout the ride.

Final Word

Apart from the ones discussed in this article, gloves and goggles are other examples of important kids motocross gear.

Remember that all protections are very important, especially for riders under ten years. Take cues from this article and equip your champ with the best protective gear possible before he jumps on their dirt bike!

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