Volkswagen’s First Electric Wagon With A Range Of 426 Miles

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Remember that cool ID. Space Vizzion Concept Volkswagen showed off back in 2019? Well, guess what? It’s now a real deal! Say hello to the ID.7 Tourer. It’s Volkswagen’s first-ever electric wagon, joining the gang with their Golf Variant, Passat Variant, and Arteon Shooting Brake.

Now, usually, wagons are a bit bigger than their sedan counterparts, right? But not this time. The ID.7 Tourer is pretty much the same size as the regular model it’s based on. So, it’s about 195.3 inches long, 73.3 inches wide (excluding the mirrors), and 60.4 inches tall. Plus, it’s got a wheelbase of 117 inches. So, it’s not just good-looking; it’s practical too.

Volkswagen id.7 tourer 2024

Even though the outside stays the same, the back of this electric wagon is where the magic happens! With the seats up, you’ve got room for 605 liters of stuff – that’s 73 liters more than the sedan version. And if you need to haul even more, just fold those seats down and you’ll get a whopping 1,714 liters of space. Need even more room? No problem! You can slap on an optional roof box for another 460 liters. So, whether it’s groceries or gear, this wagon has got you covered.

Alright, so picture this: you’ve got this sleek ID.7 Tourer, right? You can chuck stuff in the back that’s up to 42.3 inches long without even folding down the seats. Need more room for your gear? No sweat – just pop those seats down and you’ve got a load area stretching nearly 76.7 inches. And don’t worry about width; there’s a solid 39.3 inches of space between the wheel arches.

Volkswagen id.7 tourer 2024

Now, let’s talk style. The ID.7 Tourer isn’t exactly breaking new ground in the design department. It’s your regular ID.7 but with a longer roof and a beefier rear. But hey, it’s got some cool features, like the optional panoramic sunroof that can go from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button. Fancy, right? And guess what – that’s not just for luxury cars anymore!

Under the hood, you’ve got the same electric motor you’ll find in the regular model. It dishes out a respectable 282 horsepower and a whopping 402 pound-feet of torque. There are two versions: the Pro with a 77 kWh battery and the upcoming Pro S with an even bigger 86 kWh pack. With the bigger battery, VW says you can go up to 426 miles on a single charge – pretty impressive, huh?

When it’s time to juice up, the ID.7 Tourer is no slouch. With the right charger, you can go from 10 to 80 percent battery in under 30 minutes. And speaking of charging, depending on which battery you choose, you can handle up to 175 kW or 200 kW – plenty to keep you rolling.

Now, here’s the kicker – this beauty won’t be hitting US shores anytime soon, according to VW. But hey, if you’re in Europe or elsewhere, keep your eyes peeled for this electric wagon rolling out of the Emden factory in Germany. It might not be making it stateside, but hey, there’s always the regular ID.7 coming your way later in 2024.

Source: Volkswagen, Motor1

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