Bugatti Veyron v Rimac Concept One – The Ultimate Challenge

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Bugatti Veyron v Rimac Concept One

We have as of now observed the Croatian electric hyper auto Rimac Concept One kill a portion of the world’s most praised super autos in straight on fights. Presently, in a private test, we compared the Bugatti Veyron and the Concept one.

So the Rimac, a 28-year-old business visionary who had a dream of what an extreme super auto ought to be and transformed that vision into reality with Rimac Concept One. It’s stunning, while all the goliath automakers are as yet scratching their heads how to think of a completely electric outlandish super auto that works, Rimac is out winning fights.

During test drive many new things we know about this super auto. there is a nice trick of switching button just pre one side of the mirror to opening the door. The attraction control have the perfect ring system So the perfect ring system tribute a power or torque to each Tyre to maximize the performance of car basically it can help you to turn the car to the Conners We ha perfect ring system to turn you don’t need to fighting the grip of the car its work for you. You also have the instant power and the best acceleration if you drive the car in first gear. it provides the shift of 1030 hp The drive is so smooth, the acceleration and speed is perfect it sounds well, it is the pretty branded car.

Bugatti Veyron, it is the very fast car it changes gare very​ fast and the steering gear is very lite Attraction control is very smooth, it controls the car well. Petra engine of 20 century is used in this super auto. But this car is away from covering system and the Concept one has ultimate cornering system.

Bugatti v Rimac

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