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David Kiley, famously known as Diesel Dave, has an estimated net worth of $3 Million. But information about many of his belongings and salary is still unknown.

He was born on June 17th, 1974, in Utah. He is currently 50 years old with a height of 1.93m and a weight of 98 kg. He is an American Television actor, a businessman, and an Automobile builder. He is also a very patriotic man.

The Dieselsellerz is co-owned by Dave. He is most famous due to his appearance in a reality show, “Diesel Brothers” on Discovery Channel. He had a passion for customizing cars since childhood. He went from one stop to another to learn new skills.

There are many exciting things about his life you may want to know and learn from. Just keep reading.

Early Life

Dave was very fond of trucks from a young age as he was always in search of new skills by which he could modify his vehicle. He jumped from one place to another to learn and, in the end, met Heavy D, after which his life took a steep turn, and everything changed.

He entered the vehicle repair industry very humbly. He was well determined as he knew what needed to be done. He met Heavy D at the church, where he helped him clean his truck. They, fortunately, say that they had a similar interest and even planned to do business together.

Diesel Dave Early Life

Heavy D started a company and employed Dave. Dave had a few cars as he loved customizing them and making them stand out but didn’t have the resources to do it. Heavy D provided that opportunity, and they made a long way together, earning lots of wealth and fame by selling and customizing cars.

He has not yet made any information public about his family and education but will be updated as soon as we get it.

Personal Life

Dave has been a family man from a young age. He started dating Susan at a reasonably young age and stood with her all this time. His wife, Susan, provides excellent support to Dave.

They both got married a few years ago in 2015. They have two daughters, Saylor Fe, and Pyper Corinne Kiley, born in 2017 and 2018. He is a happy man, and they both are madly in love as their social accounts are filled with their photos together.

Diesel Dave Wife and Daughters

Professional Life

Dave has been running a company with Heavy D, Dieselsellerz. They sell and modify trucks and cars and make a considerable amount of profit from it. They both met at a young age and have been friends since then.

After years of hard work, they both were approached by Discovery Channel and were offered a reality show where they had to customize people’s cars. They started getting a fan following as people loved what they did and how they did it.

The show Diesel Brothers was first aired many years ago and is currently in its fifth season. Dave loved to work on trucks which made him an essential part of the crew. He modified dozens of trucks that were loved by the audience.

They are still into the reality show and are earning a fortune from it. And the company that they established is also being nourished due to their following and their fantastic work.

Sources of Income

After a long struggle and years of hard work, Dave became a Millionaire. He works in two places, and that is enough for him to live a luxurious life. He also gives out a lot of money in charity and in the form of giveaways.

  • Diesel Sellers

The company established by Dave and Heavy D makes a significant portion of what they earn as they sell and customize trucks, and due to their fame and art, people love to stop by and have some work done.

  • Diesel Brothers

The reality show, Diesel Brothers, is a fortune for both of them as they get paid a lot for the work they do, and due to this show, they gained a lot of fame, and it became the most-watched reality show.

Diesel Dave Net Worth

Diesel Dave’s Net Worth

The net worth of Diesel Dave is estimated to be about $3 Million, but much information about his belongings has not yet been disclosed and will be updated as soon as it becomes public.

  • Diesel Brothers

This TV reality show is one of the primary sources by which he is earning a lot and has made so much for his family. This show and their work are crazily loved by people and are currently in its fifth season.

As of 2024, the Diesel Brothers (HeavyDSparks) have a combined net worth of $8 million with significant earnings from car modification and automobile merchandise.

  • Diesel Sellers

It is the first source of income for Dave. They modified people’s cars and sold old modified trucks. Dave loved to work on a vehicle and worked extremely hard to be where he is now.

  • Youtube Channel

Dave and Heavy D run a YouTube channel that generates a fair amount of income for both of them. They have 262k subscribers, according to today’s figures.

  • Houses

He lives in Salt Lake City and owns a beautiful house where he lives with his wife and daughters.

  • Owned Cars

He owns a fair amount of cars and trucks, but there is no complete information about his vehicles.

Facts about David Kiley

You may think that you know almost everything about Dave, but there are certain facts that you may not know. We have listed nearly all of them under.

  • He is an American businessman and a vehicle builder.
  • He humbly entered the Vehicle repairing industry due to his liking and passion.
  • The Diesel Brothers give away $100000 to cancer patients for their treatment.
  • They giveaway trucks in their reality show
  • He worked extremely hard to be successful.
  • He is a family man as he dated only one woman and, in the end, married her.
  • He started a YouTube channel with HeavyDSparks to share his skills.
  • They also repair cars in addition to customization.
  • Dave met Heavy D at a church at a fortunate incident.
  • He has two nicknames, Diesel Dave and The Charm.
  • He is a Mormon and completed his mission at a young age.


David Kiley was passionate about repairing and customizing Diesel trucks and loved working on them. Due to his hard work, many doors opened up for him, after which he gained popularity and fame.

He didn’t do it alone. His friend Heavy D and his wife Susan have been generous support throughout his journey. Now he is earning quite a fortune from his work and has made a net worth of 3 million dollars for himself.

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