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Danny Koker is a well-known reality TV personality and one of the greatest auto restorers. Koker is also a talented musician. When it comes to automotive customization and decorating, he is well-known as the Count’s Kustoms business owner.

Counting Cars is a History Channel reality program that revolves around the mechanics of a car dealership. What is Danny Koker’s net worth after a successful career?


Danny Koker was born on Jan 5th, 1964, and is now 60 years old. Even though he was born in Cleveland, he spent part of his childhood in Detroit. The Ford firm employed many of his family members; thus, he was exposed to automobiles from a young age. His knowledge of the motor sector grew as a result of this experience.

Furthermore, he developed his mechanical talents, which proved to be a significant benefit in the operation of his present firm. His musical abilities complement his economic acumen. He is also a successful entrepreneur.

Early Life

Danny Koker was born in Cleveland in his early years, but his family relocated to Detroit and then Las Vegas while he was still in elementary school. A well-known arranger, songwriter, and backing vocalist, Koker’s father had a great career in music.

At an early age, Koker started performing in front of an audience with the hopes of one day following in his father’s footsteps. He also had a desire for automobiles and their engines. As an executive at Ford Motor Company, his uncle had access to the most up-to-date autos.

Since he was a kid, Danny has been fascinated with automobiles and the mechanisms that operate inside them. As it turned out, his greatest financial success came from that one interest. Rock band Count’s 77 is his latest project, and he still sings lead for the group.

Count’s 77

Danny’s Dad

Famous musician and vocalist Daniel Nicholas Koker Sr. is Danny Koker’s father. In addition to being a pianist, Daniel, his father, was a baritone vocalist. He was a member of various groups, including Foggy River Boys, Cathedral Quartet, Weatherford Quartet, The Koker Family Singers, and more.

In addition to being a musician, he was also the owner of a television station in Sin City. During his military service, he was a Green Beret with the 10th Special Forces Group, where he was also an accomplished hockey player.

Personal Life: Wife

After being engaged for years, the reality show host’s longtime fiance, Korie, was married in a private ceremony. Their relationship dates back over a decade.

We don’t know whether they’ve had any children, but this lack of information on Danny Koker’s children might be owing to the couple’s strict secrecy. A time ago, rumors circulated that Korie had died in a vehicle accident. There were rumors that the businesswoman had killed, but these were baseless.


Long ago, Danny Koker made his first appearance on television as “Count Cool Rider” on a weekly B-movie program called “Saturday Fright at the Movies.” Danny received a lot of experience from the show, even if it didn’t help him get a job in television at the time.

Count Kustoms was the name of Koker’s vehicle modification and restoration business in Las Vegas once he arrived there. Keeping the needs of its clients in mind, the company helps them construct their dream automobiles without ever sacrificing craftsmanship.

The reality television program “Pawn Stars” often featured Danny as an expert in automobile restoration when he was developing a successful company from the ground up. Later, it helped him get his program, ‘Counting Cars,’ one of television’s most famous automobile series.

Danny’s work isn’t only restricted to the television business, as it turns out. In addition to being the band’s founder and main singer, he is also the band’s primary songwriter. In addition to going on tour with his colleagues, Koker also often plays concerts.

The band has a devoted following. Car restorer and proprietor of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill, a bike-themed restaurant, and Count’s Tattoo Company, a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas, is also a motorcycle enthusiast.

Counts Kustoms Net Worth

It is believed that Danny Koker has a worth of $15 million. As a vehicle restorer and owner of the automotive restoration firm Count’s Kustoms, he made the most of his income. Besides that, he’s had a thriving television career.

Counts Kustoms net worth is $12 million dollars.

Saturday Fright at the Movies was a program he presented on a small television station that he co-owned. Aside from the tattoo studio, Koker owns numerous other companies, including the Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill and the Count’s Vampire Rock Bar & Grill.

How Much Money Does Danny Koker Earn Every Episode?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he made roughly $100,000 per episode while on Counting Cars, equating to a yearly compensation of almost $1.6 million from just the reality show alone. There have been roughly 16 episodes of each season that have been completed between 2016 and 2018. Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill, and Koker owns Count’s Tattoo Company.

Facts About Danny Kroker

When it comes to Danny Kroker, there are many things you may not have known about him.

  • His skill and dedication are apparent, but Kroker is also self-taught.
  • Danny “Count” Kroker got his start on television as the presenter of a B-horror movie program. As the “Count Cool Rider,” he is a well-known figure.
  • Kroker and his crew made a bike for Angel, and Angel performed the Death Trap act on it.
  • Kroker is a car enthusiast in every sense of the phrase. But it doesn’t imply he’s a car lover. The truth is, he’s been known to reject newer car requests in favor of working on vintage.


Danny Kroker is well-known for a variety of things. He has a reputation for pursuing his interests, no matter how many there may be. However, Kroker never gave up any of his desires in life; instead, he followed them all. Reality personality, technician, and musician all in one.

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