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Danny Koker is a well-known automobile restoration expert from the United States of America. Danny became famous by being a part of different reality TV shows known as “Pawn Stars,” “Counting Cars,” and “American Restoration” as an auto expert. Danny Koker net worth is $15 million dollars.

Danny’s real name is Daniel Nicholas Koker II which he changed to Danny Koker after becoming an automobile expert. He owns an automobile restoration business or a shop named “Count’s Kustoms,” making your cars significantly customized. Danny has a comprehensive collection of almost 70 motorbikes and 50 vehicles.

Name Danny Koker
Birth Place Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America
Date of Birth  Jan 5, 1964
Zodiac Signs Capricorn
Danny Koker Net Worth $15 million
Profession Automobile resort ration expert, producer, TV show celebrity
Nationality American
Age 60
Family Wife, Korie Koker
Real name Daniel Nicholas Koker

Danny Koker’s Childhood and Early Life

Daniel Nicholas Koker came into the world on Jan 6 in 1954. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States of America. Danny spent most of his childhood and early in Detroit. The craze of cars is in his genes because his family members were the employees of Ford Company. That’s why he knew about the automotive industry from an early age.

Moreover, Danny Koker had relatives who had enough knowledge about cars and the automotive industry in his childhood. Because of seeing cars, he decided to teach himself all the mechanical skills he is running a successful business today. Only a few people know that he had been a musician since he was 11.

Danny Koker’s Professional Journey

After graduating from high school and teaching himself enough mechanical skills, Danny traveled to Las Vegas. When he reached there, he was already expertise in automobile restoration. Danny also tried to be indifferent to things rather than being in one place simultaneously. So he involved himself in the entertainment industry.

At first, Danny hosted a show broadcasted as “Saturday Fright at the Movies.” After this, Danny decided to open his business line, which he named Count’s Kustoms. His automobile shop was a massive success because of his excellent mechanical skills and efforts. Danny’s actions made him broadcast his show called “counting cars.”

In a TV reality show called “Pawn Stars,” Danny became part of the show as an automobile expert. Additionally, he got most people’s attention when he made a massive collection of cars and bikes. According to Danny, whether the car’s model is new or old, he buys the one he likes most.

Danny Koker’s other Business

As we said before, Danny always tries to be involved in different things because he wants to experience everything by himself. He owns many other businesses despite the automobile restoration business. He has a Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar. He also has a tattoo company named Count’s Tattoo.

Danny is married to Korie Koker
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Danny Koker Net Worth

Danny Koker net worth is $15 million dollars which he gained from different sources of income. Danny’s various sources of income include his business of automobile customization, tattoo company, bar, and TV reality shows. Danny has been working as a producer for different TV shows in the entertainment industry.

Danny Koker’s Hobbies

Probably no one knows that Danny Koker’s father was a celebrated musician Daniel Koker Sr.

As a child, he started to be a part of music by following in his father’s footsteps. He performed many times on stage in Carnegie Hall in his early life. Today he is famous, but he still plays music as a hobby. He also formed a rock band named Count’s 77, which was pretty famous.

Danny Koker’s Relationship

Danny is married to Korie Koker. He married in 2015, and since then, they have been happy together. His wife is also his business partner. Once in an interview, Korie said that Danny trusts me in every matter, and I think we are good partners in business too.


Danny koker proved that nothing is impossible, and one person can do multiple things simultaneously. Danny taught himself all the mechanical skills without any assistance. Danny’s hard work has now paid him off with good things. Now he is very famous because of his show making a considerable fan family.

Latest Update: January 1, 2024

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