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Car enthusiasts praise the name of Aaron Kaufman due to his thorough knowledge and grip in the field of cars and mechanics. He is not only known because of his hold over the area of automation but also due to his personality, which has landed him on several television shows.

His devotion and talent in the automotive industry resulted in the foundation of his own company called Arclight Fabrication, which outsources mechanical parts to reputable car companies such as Ford.

Aaron Kaufman

Early life

Aaron Kaufman was born in Crowley, Texas. This 40 years old star grew up to have a keen interest in his family garage. His parents reported that Aaron would always open up machines, seeing what hold every part together and their respective function.

His interest continued to grow, which found a direction towards the automobile industry. His skills and the fact that he is self-taught was the primary reason why he received a lot of fame and popularity.

Personal life

He was born on January 26, 1982. Aaron Kaufman is not a married man. At the age of 40, he remains unmarried, but the list of his relationships is many. He spent most of his teens figuring out how the inside of a car works and the mechanics behind it, which is why he started self-teaching himself.

He dated Lindsay J for around four hours. They both happened to have a healthy relationship as they also had a blog together called “About the Bearded Guy.”

After parting in 2011, he remained single for a while, where he worked on his career more. In 2015, after meeting Lauren Moore at a car auction, they started dating. The couple happens to be close and super cheesy on social media as well.

Professional Life and Career

Due to his avid love for mechanics, Aaron Kaufman was often found in his garage. He wanted to learn more and sharpen his skills to the fullest. In a local motorcycle build-off contest, Aaron stood second, and this is where a large number of people first recognized his talent.

This is where Richard Rawlings, an entrepreneur, knew him and offered him to work with him. They worked together to try different techniques and tasks that could minimize engine load. Their duo leads to the establishment of a reality TC series called Fast N Loud in 2012. It was aired on Disney. The show gained massive respect and appreciation.

Aaron Kaufman Professional Life and Career

Achievements and Acknowledgments

Top 25 Young Event Professionals

In 2015, Special Event Magazine recognized his talents and appreciated his work. The magazine also added him to the list of “Top 25 Young Event Professionals,” where he continued to inspire many young mechanics like him.

President of the International Special Events Society

In Toronto, Canada, this society acknowledged his talent. It made him the president where he would influential talks and carry out regular workshops to help children know more about car engineering.

Aaron Kaufman Net Worth

His net worth is $10 million. Aaron Kaufman made most of his wealth from working with Rawlings, who sponsored him. Rawlings never asked Aaron to do something out of his comfort zone, which is why he thrived to the best of his abilities, considering he would work in his style and dilemma.

The duo worked on their television series, which has 11 seasons. It made them a lot of money as more than one channel was ready to air it on TV.

His net worth can be calculated through his work with the Ford Company, where he redesigned cars and helped Ford develop a more reliable engine. Moreover, his television show has 11 seasons, and each season was way more successful than the last one.

He sells his merchandise hats, T-shirts, and stickers too. He has his website where users are always open to chat and ask him any car-related questions. His Instagram account has 900k followers who love and get inspired by his work.

Aaron Kaufman net worth 8 million

Due to massive fan-following on the Instagram account, the advertisements and sponsored posts on his feed pay him as much as $7000 per job, and this number is likely to increase.

Final Words

After Aaron Kaufman became a renowned mechanic, several car companies wanted him to work with him. Among several cars, he has worked on 68 Mustang GT350, G7 Corvette Stingray, 69 Chevrolet Camaro, and 58 Corvette C1.

He worked with Ford, which sponsored and supported him to the fullest. He had a keen interest in redesigning old cars, which was favored by many reputable car companies.

His career escalated during his television series, during which several entrepreneurs recognized the talent he owned without any formal degree. He is self-taught and is still eager to work and learn more to better his capabilities.

Latest Update: January 1, 2024

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