10 Best-Selling Vehicles in America in 2023

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Last year was huge for U.S. car sales! They hit a whopping 15.5 million, thanks to all that built-up demand. Overall, sales shot up by 12.4%, with tons of car brands seeing big double-digit boosts in sales.

Why did things get better? Well, dealerships had more cars to sell, and prices weren’t sky-high anymore. That helped bounce back from a rough 2022 when everything went haywire with supply chain issues and production troubles—the worst year we’ve had in ages.

Check out this chart revealing the top-selling cars in America in 2023, sourced from Motor1.

Trucks and SUVs See Highest Sales

Take a peek at the table—did you notice? Nine out of the top 10 best-selling cars in America were either trucks or SUVs.

RankBrandModelSales (Units)
3RAMRAM Pickup444,926
5TeslaModel Y*403,897
10JeepGrand Cherokee244,594
13TeslaModel 3*213,000

Tesla doesn’t give specific sales numbers for different areas. These estimates are from EVadoption.com, so they’re not exact, but they give us a good idea.

The Ford F-Series has been America’s top-selling vehicle for over 40 years straight! Out of the two million cars Ford sold last year, almost 40% were F-Series trucks. Even though Ford scaled back EV plans for 2024, EV sales still rose by 18%. Plus, hybrid sales shot up by 25%, with 133,743 hybrid models sold.

Next up is the Chevrolet Silverado, always playing second fiddle to the F-Series. In 2023, the cheapest Silverado started at $38,195, while the least pricey F-150 was $34,445. Silverado sales grew by 6.1% overall last year.

Tesla’s Model Y nabbed fifth place. To boost sales, they slashed prices facing competition from Ford and BYD, a top Chinese EV maker. Tesla doesn’t give regional data, but EVadoption.com figures U.S. sales at 403,897.

Guess what? The lone sedan in the top 10 is the Toyota Camry. Its more affordable sibling, the Corolla, came in 12th place with 232,370 units sold.

Best-Selling Vehicles in America
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