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It would help if you were known as Salomondrin, but his real name is Alejandro Salomon, and yes, he is that famous YouTuber for automation. He is mix Mexican-American businessman who shares his reviews about notable cars and talks about real estate too. So if you are someone who loves the YouTube automation scene, then you must be familiar with him.

Salomondrin is 39 years old entrepreneur who shows his lucrative venture with his fans. Salomondrin net worth is 25 million dollars, according to the resources. Salomon worked for many things before starting his self-titled YouTube channel. However, the biggest part of his success and popularity is YouTube, where he has a massive fan following.

Birth PlaceMexico City
Date of BirthDec 7, 1984
Zodiac SignsVirgo
Salomondrin Net Worth 25 million dollars
ProfessionYouTuber, screenwriter, actor, film producer
FamilyWife, Belen Maria

Salomondrin’s Early Life and Education

He was born in district Federal of Mexico City on Dec 7, 1984. He spent his early life, known as childhood, in Mexico with his family. He got his early education from there. Then, as a teenager, he started working, and when he reached 16, he started selling his cars because he loved the automation field when he was just a child.

When he reached 19, his interest developed towards acting by joined the acting school. He moved to the United States of America with his friend and wanted to settle down there legally. He got his admission to acting school by applying for a student visa. After graduating from acting school, he was determined to lead his career as an actor.

Salomondrin’s Acting Journey

He was inspired to become a serious actor and pursue his career in Hollywood. That’s why, at first, he started writing and producing, which boosted his passion for filmmaking. For this purpose, he took guidelines from the famous Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill. Besides all of this, his automation love never ended. He steadily built a wide collection of real estate and vehicles.

After some time, Salomondrin launched his motion picture development and production for Helios. On the other hand, his production includes financing company Helios productions and working for overseas production and development systems.

After that, he served as an executive producer for many films such as Triple dog, slightly single in L.A, Godspeed, and A mother’s rage. Moreover, he produced raised by wolves, Zoe gone, Reaper, pocket listing, etc.

Besides film production, he also wrote movies such as material science and pocket listing. He also became a T.V. star by featuring in hyper T.V. films such as Ferrari’s big 5 in 2015 and Hyper 5. He also worked in the famous T.V. short series Bangin gears in 2016. In addition, Salomondrin wrote a T.V. mini-series in 2016 named Let’s Talk about cars Yo!

Salomondrin’s YouTube Journey

After becoming famous in the film industry, he launched his YouTube channel to fulfill his thirst for automotive cars. He wanted to be on social media, so he started appearing on Instagram and YouTube eventually. He has a massive fan following. His YouTube channel covers content about new cars available in the market, real estate with house tours, and reviewing his (own) car collection.

Salomondrin Net Worth

The main source of Salomondrin income is his social media, including YouTube and Instagram. After that, he has real estate and film production investment partners. He has various liabilities, such as cars, real estate, and watches. He has many significant assets and is a film-making company. That’s why Salomondrin’s net worth is 25 million dollars.

Salomondrin with wife Belen Maria Salomon

Salomondrin Family

After Salomondrin moved to the USA in 2006, he fell in love with a young American girl named Belen Maria. The couple dated 8 years before they got married in 2014. The couple is still together and celebrating their 8th anniversary together. The couple is very supportive of each other and doesn’t want kids.


Salomondrin worked hard to gain such success. He worked hard till today to maintain his position and fame in line. His YouTube videos are very interesting, and that’s why he gained such a fan following in less time. He got what he wanted from always. So, this proves that hard work always pays off to you no matter what you do, like Salomondrin.

Latest Update: January 1, 2024

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