Preparing Your Car for Transport 101

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Shipping of any kind takes certain work and preparations, that ought to be done before the items get actually shipped. Therefore, it is a safe assumption that larger and more valuable items demand more thorough preparations. Your car or vehicle is most certainly one of the items that need extra care and preparation prior to shipment. Let us be honest, preparing your car for transportation is truly no joke. However, do not start sweating and stressing right away. With our help and useful tips, car shipment will be a piece of cake.

Hire Professionals to take care of your Shipment

The rules of choosing reliable car shippers are the same as when you look for reliable professionals for any other moves. You want to ask around and read many online reviews before you make any decision. This is very important when preparing your car for transportation. When I chose Moving Kings Van Lines FL as my moving professionals, I had a great experience. However, that was a great choice because I knew what to look for when choosing the best movers for my move.

What should you look for when Hiring Pros to Transport your Vehicle?

So, you should do the same when choosing movers for your car. Here are some things that you should look for when hiring pros to transport your car:

  • Trained and experienced professionals in vehicle transport – you need movers that have this particular expertise.
  • Excellent service – safe and rapid transport of your vehicle.
  • Request a quote – ask for a quote from multiple companies and compare them.
  • Service that fits your specific needs – there are different assistance options for your move. Research which option best suits your vehicle.

Things you must do when Preparing your Car for Transportation

How your shipping turns out largely depends on how you prepare for it. So, here are some steps that you should take before shipping your car.

Wash your Vehicle

This tip might seem a bit trivial. However, it is far from it. In reality, it is great preparation for the following steps. Also, this way, once your car arrives at your final destination you will be able to use it right away. No need to search for the nearest car wash in your neighborhood. Washing your car is in a way of extending the good health of your vehicle.

Examine your Vehicle for Damages

Once your car or any other vehicle is clean, it is much easier to spot any irregularities. The damages can be anything from dents, decolorization, scratches, etc. Another great idea is to take photos of the damages. Make sure that the photos are of good quality. There is a small chance that your vehicle might be damaged during transportation, but still, you want to be prepared if it happens. This is a never say never type of situation.

Take your Car to a Mechanic to get it Checked Out

Your car will not be driven very much during transportation. Nevertheless, you still want it in the best condition possible. Therefore, you do not want any leaks, poorly functional breaks, etc. In addition to car maintenance pay attention to your odometer.

Your mechanic should go through a typical checklist. This checklist should include many different things. Some of them are:

  • Fluid check (oil breaks, washer, etc.)
  • Battery check – the battery should be fully charged before your car’s transportation begins
  • Tire pressure – pressure within your tired must be properly balanced. You do not want your tires to be under-inflated or over-inflated.

A car mechanic under a car that is located in a car shop.

Don’t Neglect your Car’s Exterior

In case you have any removable additions on your care, make sure they are removed prior to vehicle transportation. For example, if you have a luggage rack on your car, remove it before you ship it. Also, if you have any movable parts on your car, be certain that they are folded and put away. This will mean that you need to tuck in your antenna and fold your side-view mirrors.

When Preparing your Car for Transportation Remove your Personal Items

There are multiple reasons that should motivate you to remove your personal items from your car when getting ready to ship it away. If you want to avoid loss or theft, get your things out of your car. Plus, your personal items can move and shift while the car is in transit. This can result in damage to your personal items and possibly your vehicle.

Do not forget Parking Passes and Toll Cards/Passes

Do not leave your passes and cards in your vehicle because somebody might get their hand on them and misuse them. Truly, if you are not going to use them for some time, your best bet is to cancel or pause the service provided by each card or pass. Imagine if you had an Easy Pass in your car and you forgot it. Consequently, your pass would register every toll pass along the way. What a bummer and waste of money. Since you are not driving long distances, there is no need to be charged as if you were. After all, you should avoid long-distance driving since it can be fatal and dangerous.

A very colorful convertible in the middle of the street with a lot of colorful things.

Leave Notes for the Movers {if needed)

Id there is something specific that movers and shippers should know about in regards to your vehicle, you must make the effort to inform them properly. Even if it is the smallest thing in your opinion, you should still inform them. You never know which information is the most relevant to your movers.

As you can tell by now, preparing your car for transportation is not rocket science. It is true that are quite a few things that need to be done. However, they are not too difficult.  Make a list of what you need to do. As you accomplish every task, one by one, you will feel much more confident in your move. We wish you a happy move. Hopefully, you and your vehicle will move quickly and safely.

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