7 Car Washing Mistakes To Avoid

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Whether you are simply wanting to make your own car look like it has come straight from the showroom or trying to impress somebody else so that they make an excellent contribution to your car wash fundraiser, you will need to know how to wash a car the right way.

Many of us set out with the right intentions and enthusiasm, but if you make some of the classic car washing mistakes, you will struggle to get the best results.

Let’s look at some of the mistakes to avoid when washing cars.

There is no substitute for washing cars by hand

If you ask any professional detailer or car enthusiast they will almost universally agree that you should not consider taking the easy route and going to an automated car wash.

Even if you think that putting your car wash might be helpful so that you can then work on doing the finishing touches yourself, don’t be tempted.

Some car wash machines are far too abrasive and they could end up scratching your car. Some of these scars produced by the brushes on the surface or your vehicle are almost impossible to remove.

Pick the right location and time of day

A classic error when washing your car is to try and clean it under direct sunlight.

It makes sense that you want to wash your car in warm weather but a bright sunny day is the worst choice. It can ruin the appearance of your car when it is exposed to direct sunlight and you are using chemicals to wash the surface.

Pick a dull day for cleaning or at least make sure you are in the shade.

Invest in a good soap solution

Buying cheap soap for cleaning your car is a false economy.

A poor quality soap could contribute to the deterioration of your bodywork. If you want to make your car gleam and protect the paintwork for as long as possible you really have to invest in a top-grade car wash soap and reject anything cheap.

The right lubrication

It is also really important that you have the right lubrication so that you can properly clean and protect your car.

There is no way you can get a good cleaning result with a cloth and some water. The right lubrication and a good quality wax polish will make all the difference.

Using old cloth won’t do

So many people do the hard work of washing and soaping their car only to fail in their efforts to get a showroom finish by using an old cloth, or even an old t-shirt.

Buy a decent microfiber towel that has been specifically made for the purpose of helping you to clean and dry your car to a high standard. The contrast in the standard of finish you achieve will be obvious when you use a proper towel.

The right way to clean your car

If you don’t start cleaning your car from the top and work your way down, you are almost certain to fail to get the results you want.

There is definitely a right and wrong way to clean your car. You should always clean from the top to the bottom. That is the right technique used by all car cleaning professionals.

Don’t go around in circles

Last but not least, don’t be tempted to use a swirling motion to clean your car.

It is much better to go in one direction with each application. It doesn’t matter whether you go up or down with the cloth movement as long as you don’t use a circular motion. Once you learn how to wash a car properly you will see what a startling difference it can make to the results you achieve.

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