How to Foster a Better Appreciation for NASCAR Racing

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Maybe you’re an existing fan of NASCAR who feels like you’re missing something or wants to take your passion for the sport to the next level. Maybe you’re a total outsider who has always thought of NASCAR as uninteresting or not worth exploring. Or maybe you’re a rabid fan who wants to convert one of your total outsider friends to develop a genuine love for this motorsport.

In any case, what does it take to foster a better appreciation for NASCAR racing?

Experience What a Fast Car Is Actually Like

One of the best things you can do to develop more of an appreciation for NASCAR racing is to experience what a fast car is actually like. A big part of the appeal of NASCAR racing is that the cars are traveling at over 200 miles an hour most of the time – making for thrilling dynamics as those cars weave in and out of lanes and fight for positions with mere inches between them. 

But if you’re relatively unfamiliar with the world of Motorsports, you may not have the context to understand what 200 miles an hour feels like. If the closest approximation you have is traveling at 60 miles an hour on the highway in a typical consumer vehicle, you may come to interpret the race as boring.

Conversely, if you’ve ever been in a car capable of exceptionally high performance, you’ll be able to better relate to the adrenaline that NASCAR drivers are experiencing while they perform some of the tightest maneuvers in all of Motorsports. 

Exotic cars for rent in Las Vegas are a great place to start; you won’t have to buy an exotic car of your own, nor will you have to find a friend who does. Instead, you can pay a reasonable amount of money to rent an exotic car for your own purposes. Just make sure you drive responsibly as you get your adrenaline flowing.

Many people, after experiencing the thrill of faster speeds and tighter turns, begin to develop more of a natural appreciation for just how intense NASCAR is.

Pay Attention to Commentators (or Find Alternatives)

FOX broadcasters are usually exceptionally good at providing useful context for new and experienced viewers alike. If you listen to them closely, you’ll learn more about the history of the sport, the dynamics between teams and drivers, specific rules that apply to NASCAR racing, and subjective commentary about what’s going on during the race itself.

If you’re new to the world of NASCAR, this is a great way to immerse yourself. Even if you’re a more experienced fan, this commentary can help you learn new things and see the race in a different light.

Of course, if you don’t enjoy these commentators for personal reasons, or if you just want to dive deeper, you can always find alternatives. Radio broadcasts, while not as popular anymore, are still loved by many, and live streams are becoming more popular.

Watch Analysis Videos

You should also spend some time watching analysis videos. You can watch as crashes develop, frame by frame, or you can analyze the mistakes that led an experienced driver to lose their first position. The more analysis videos you watch, the more experience you’ll get, and the better you’ll be able to spot the development of interesting dynamics in real-time.

Get to Know the Drivers (and Drama)

Some NASCAR fans love watching the sport because of the personalities behind the wheels of the vehicles. You may be able to deepen your appreciation for NASCAR by getting to know the drivers and familiarizing yourself with the drama behind the scenes. Similar to professional wrestling, some drivers are portrayed as heroes, while others are portrayed as more villainous, and shifting dynamics between alliances can make for more interesting race viewing.

Watch Out for More Interesting Tracks

One of the most common criticisms of NASCAR is that the races are boring because the tracks are simple and circular in shape, resulting in 500ish miles of mild left turns. This is a reasonable take for oval tracks, but not all NASCAR tracks are oval-shaped – nor are they all so straightforward. Some tracks are road tracks, offering more complex terrain and more interesting, less predictable sequences of turns; make sure you tune in for these races to see what a different experience they are.

Take Breaks

Even the most ardent race fans can admit that sometimes, watching NASCAR races becomes an exercise in endurance. This is a somewhat repetitive sport, and races can last for hours. Take more breaks in the middle of your viewing so you can stay fresh.

Go to a Race in Person

Finally, consider attending a race in person. If you’ve ever been to a live sport after only watching sports on TV, you know how different the experience is. Seeing the people in real life, enjoying the cheers of fans, and feeling the vibrations of extremely powerful machines provides a different context for your viewing experience. Once you’ve been to a live race, you’ll never see NASCAR the same way again.

These strategies may not turn a total NASCAR hater into someone who loves the sport. But they should help you view NASCAR with a renewed sense of appreciation and a deeper understanding of this intense motorsport.

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