Warning Signs that Your Tailgate Lock May be Giving Up on Your Vehicle

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A fully functional tailgate lock is crucial for ensuring the safety of your drive. Regardless of whether you store valuable items in your car for a road trip or hide surprise presents for your kid’s upcoming birthday, it is vital to keep the tailgate closed. Problems arising from a tailgate need not necessarily be due to the central locking kit but also from the tailgate lock cylinder as well. Here are some indications that your tailgate may be failing:

Non-Working Power Lock

Power-operated tailgate systems should be able to lock/unlock smoothly at the push of a button. Should nothing happen at your push, then your system could be facing issues. However, confirm the proper functioning of your remote’s battery before assuming a fault with the locking assembly.

Turn the Key and Nothing Happens

This is one of the best indications that your tailgate lock cylinder is in trouble. The rods and cylinder attached to the locking mechanism are designed such that they pull a lever for activating the lock. You will feel this action typically restricted or a tug upon turning the key. However, should you not notice any tug, your tailgate lock cylinder is likely at fault. Contact a certified mechanic to fix the issue since it requires specialised knowledge and tools for performing operations on the electrical components attached to the locks.

The Tailgate Refuses to Latch

If the tailgate does not latch even after locking the cylinder, it is likely an issue with the assembly. In this scenario, you may need to consider replacing the central locking kit as well.

You Can’t Insert the Key Into the Lock

This is another indication of a damaged lock cylinder where the key refuses to budge when you insert it into a lock. The rods and cylinders in your locking mechanism can sometimes break and block the tumblers inside the lock. This is when you’ll find it challenging to turn the key, or in some cases, the key cannot be inserted at all. Consult a mechanic who can inspect and cater to the needed repairs.

Only experts can identify cases where key locks are obstructed by other matters and do not call for their replacement.

Automatic Key Functioning is Not Happening

Most modern cars, SUVs, and trucks come with completely automated tailgates that can be controlled either through remotes or buttons near the dashboard, driver door, or centre console. Press the button and listen for the click or electric signals of the solenoid engaging. Should you not hear anything, your lock cylinder is likely struggling from electrical problems.

The tailgate locking assembly safeguards your belongings and ensures their safety at all times. However, there are chances of it wearing away and failing over time. Hence, do not ignore the signs given out by a failing tailgate system. Keep up its good health by making regular inspections of the central locking kit, and lubricating and cleaning at the suggested service intervals.

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