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Kimi Raikkonen is a Finishing car racing driver; his nickname is Iceman and now driving for the Famula one. He married on 31 July 2004 and started living in Finland, and they separated in February 2013. Kimi Raikkonen was born on 17th October in 1979 in Espoo (Finland), Kimi Raikkonen began his car racing career in 1987. After much success in the Finnish series and jumped up to play at the International level.


In the same year in 2001, Kimi Raikkonen made his Formula One debut as a regular driver for the Sauber Petronas; he switched to McLaren Mercedes. At the age of 15, Kimi started his first race in Monaco. His second car racing trip was not permanent; he thought his Mygale chassis too unsustainable in 1999 after starting an instance in the British Formula Renault series and returning to car racing. Kimi Raikkonen won the Formula Renault Winter series as he reappeared for Formula Ford Festival play in Britain.

Kimi Raikkonen F1

At the age of 10, Kimi had a lot of karting success, and his team leader John Booth recalled that he could not earn money until Robertsons got involved. Raikkonen began the third season and won the first two races, Kimi added six championships to claim the sport’s crown, and Kimi Raikkonen secured a crown already when he left the tournament with two races remaining.

Robertson demanded to call Peter Sauber, the F1 team owner, and chatter about the young talent. Sauber was persuaded to send Raikkonen a three-day test at Mugello, and he had a lot of struggle to drive the car for four flying laps at a time in the Formula One.

Kimi Raikkonen’s strength could increase his speed, and he had that in affluence, in 2001, he decided to place him in the squad, but that meant overruling Helmut Marko’s protest from sponsor Red Bull, who was waiting hard for Enrique Bernoldi to take the seat. Marko’s demonstration to Red Bull leader Dietrich Mateschitz and suggestion that Bernoldi had not been given a fair examination, denied by Sauber, Raikkonen took the stand.

Kimi Raikkonen FIA

FIA raised its protest with just 23 stars to its name in far lower-powered equipment, 21-year-old suitability as an F1 driver questioned by Max Mosley, Head of Sports. Raikkonen and his co-mate Nick Heidfeld may have been an accomplished pair, but they’re now blinded.

Raikkonen finished sixth the same year, and his partner Nick Heidfeld finished fourth at the year’s end. Raikkonen was unable to complete the next three races, his skill and pace amazed the other driver and Head of the sport, and his super license was issued.

In Young’s river scheme Heidfeld had moved to Formula One through Mclaren and Mercedes. Heidfeld was commonly handed over on his way out of McLaren to take his place at the end of the year 2001 with Mika Hakkinen.

kimi Raikkonen wife and childrens

Raikkonen got the perfect seat, but there was no room for Nick Heidfeld. Rumours suggested that Raikkonen had chosen McLaren over Ferrari because he didn’t want Michael Schumacher to be number two in the Italian team, Schumacher defeated Raikkonen by two points and won six wins.

Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth

At age 10, Kimi Raikkonen had a long line of achievements in a car racing career and has a net worth of $250 million. He emulated that through an extremely successful racing career, particularly in the Formula One circuit.

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