5 Expert Tips to Preserving Your Classic Car

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Falling in love with classic cars is an acquired taste, something quite similar to developing a penchant for wine, sports, or any other cultivated interests. It is something that becomes a hobby that may require a lot of your time and attention. Classic cars will certainly need a considerable amount of care and effort but, as any classic car lover knows: all the hard work you put in is a part of the one-of-a-kind experience.

Classic car maintenance is definitely not something that one should take lightly. You can even consider it as a sort of art form that will ask for the dedication and for you to learn skills tailored for a classic car’s upkeep. You might need to do extensive research, or even join communities that will guide you in your journey as a classic car lover! If you need a bit of a hand in restoring your beloved vehicle back to its former glory, you can even get the help of experts on full classic car restoration in West Sussex on top of making your own personal touches.

Once you put in the work, it is a rewarding experience to see the final product. What more if you can finally be the one driving behind the wheel of a classic car that you had a hand in preserving its beauty?

However, the truth is that with something as precious as a classic car, it is highly unlikely that you will take it out for a spin every day. Vintage models like these will probably see a lot of garage time, which is why it’s important that you preserve it well in those conditions.

Every classic car owner you ask will happily tell you that the key to maintaining an old car is storage. Doing it correctly will keep corrosion at bay, along with other afflictive elements. If you think that we just mean you should park it in your garage properly, here are the proper ways you should actually do it:

  • Make sure your garage is not damp. One of the important things you should prepare before you park your classic car in the garage is to make sure that it is not damp. While keeping it in the garage will ensure that all the other particles and dust are shut away, it wouldn’t matter if the space is not dry.
  • Keep the sun away. Make sure that you will keep your car away from direct sunlight! This is because the sunlight will have the effect of gradually fading the paintwork. We recommend that you purchase a car cover right away, and opt for one that is made of a material that will give maximum protection as well as being breathable.
  • Don’t forget to turn your tyres regularly! This is because tyres have the tendency of developing a warp or flat spots if it is parked in the same spot for a very long time. Every once in a while, you should move the car a little just to ensure that they are turned regularly. If you are planning to keep the classic car stored for a while, you can even remove the wheels first and just store them horizontally.
  • Let the air circulate by keeping windows open. Have you ever gone inside a garage that, once you open its doors, you are almost suffocated by a nasty, musty smell? You can easily avoid this by keeping the windows slightly open. By letting air circulate, you can prevent letting bad odors fester inside the garage as well as keeping your classic car smelling brand new!
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