Learning to Drive? Try These Top Tips for Getting Your License

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Learning to drive can be a little daunting. To be in full control of a vehicle and show that you can drive it both competently and safely feels like a mammoth task for someone who’s never sat behind the wheel before. But when all your friends are passing their tests and getting their first tastes of independence and freedom, the pressure is suddenly on for you to do the same.

Passing your test doesn’t have to take years, in most cases it only takes a few months of training and lessons in order to get your license. In order to pass your test and to actually enjoy your first driving experiences, it’s important to start off on the right foot. So, what can you do to ensure this? Read on for some top tips to help you get your license.

Remember – learning to drive isn’t a race. Everyone is different. The last thing you want is to be involved in a traffic collision because you’re weren’t as ready as you thought you were – click here if you’re looking for a car accident lawyer in Macron. Take your time and enjoy learning to drive!

Get Familiar with the Basics

Before you get behind the wheel, why not get familiar with the basics? Watch a family member or a friend drive and get them to describe what they’re doing, the checks they’re completing and the decisions they’re making. Read up on the highway code in preparation for your theory test and get to know road signs, speed limits and common hazards you might come across. Sit behind the wheel in a stationary vehicle and take a look at where everything is, the positioning of the pedals, the gear stick, the seat position etc.

Choose an Instructor

Don’t be tempted or pressured into choosing an instructor based on the recommendations of your friends or your family. Everyone learns differently and an instructor that worked well with your best friend might not be the same for you. Do plenty of research, check out reviews online and discover their pass rate. Decide if you want to learn to drive with a male or female instructor.

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Block Book Lessons

Once you’ve found your instructor, its recommended that you block book as many lessons as you can. That way you don’t have to worry about their availability and your confidence behind the wheel will grow much quicker. You’ll probably get a discount for block booking lessons too.

Your Instructor knows Best

Don’t be tempted to follow the example your dad or your grandma sets whilst they drive. Just because they passed their test 30 years ago doesn’t mean that they drive to test standard. Your instructor knows how to get you to pass your test, so even if their teachings don’t match up with your dads or your moms – always assume that your instructor knows best.


When you’re learning to drive, you have to accept and understand that making mistakes and things not going right is all part of your learning. The important thing is not to be discouraged and persevere – you’ll get there!

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