Why You Need to Call a Lawyer After an Auto Accident

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Auto accidents can inconvenience you for weeks or put your life on hold indefinitely. Either way, a fender bender or car crash is not something you want to handle on your own. Whether you’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit or trying to pursue one in Kent, the experience of a lawyer practicing car accident law can mitigate the impact of an unfortunate incident.

Here, in detail, are reasons to work with an attorney:

Lawyers can Clarify the Accident:

Accidents happen in a split second, and in some case, determining who’s at fault can be contentious. Your attorney can walk you through the incident and figure out who is responsible and if you’re entitled to damages. If you’ve been sued, your lawyer may employ a defense that could limit your liability; Washington is a comparative negligence fault state, which means that if the person suing for damages shares responsibility in causing the accident, the damage recovery will be reduced according to their fault.

Lawyers have Resources:

Lawsuits are time-consuming. From the filing and investigation to the negotiations and courtroom battles, lawsuits follow a process that will take time away from your work and home. An auto accident attorney not only has the time but the resources as well to focus on making your case or defense. You’ll have access to a dedicated investigator who can talk to the police or witnesses and gather reports. Your lawyer will also have a paralegal who can do research on previous cases that may help your case.

Lawyers can Negotiate:

A lot of negotiations may take place after an auto accident. You’re not only going to talk to the other party to try and settle the case. You may have to talk to your insurance if the company is unwilling to or disagrees with the amount it has to pay out. Claims adjusters typically offer you the lowest amount among a list of accident settlement range. Your car accident lawyer can represent you during these talks by pointing out the strengths of your claim. This way, your attorney can look after your best interests.

Lawyers can Reduce Liabilities:

Since Washington follows comparative negligence personal injury cases, your lawyer may be able to help reduce the damages you have to pay. This is, of course, only when you’re able to prove that the suing party created an unreasonable risk to their safety. If your lawyer can prove that the other party had some involvement in the accident, they may be held partially responsible. As such, the damages may be reduced.

Lawyers Help You Get Damages:

Finally, if you were the injured party, your lawyer can help you fight and get the right settlement. The money is not going to reverse the situation. But whether you were injured temporarily or have been disabled permanently, the money can help you manage medical bills. If you need long-term care, your lawyer can negotiate a settlement that allows you to have access to future treatments. From medical care to lost wages, damages can cushion the financial blow of an automobile accident.

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