The Pros And Cons Of Buying New Vs Used Campervans

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The freedom of the open road and travelling home is a dream for many. Whether you are looking for a campervan as a way to do some short-term adventuring or as a way to live full-time on the road, there are many important factors that need to be carefully considered before buying your home on wheels.

There are advantages and disadvantages when choosing between a new campervan or a unit that has had previous owners. According to Lewis from Autocraft Motorcaravans “Factors like your budget, your goals, how mechanically inclined you are, and how much you expect to use your campervan are all important factors in choosing the right one for you. First, it helps to know the pros and cons of buying a new vs. used campervan.”

Pros Of Buying A New Campervan

  • Financing Available: Many people can’t afford the cost of a campervan outright, which is why financing is such a popular option. Rarely will you find a used campervan with an option to finance it.
  • Best Features and Technology: The newest models will have the most up-to-date features and best technology inside the campervan. You may also get add-ons that make the vehicle easier to drive such as parking sensors and cameras.
  • Warranty: Brand-new vehicles come with a warranty, which can provide a level of peace of mind for the owner. Most new vehicles will carry their manufacturer’s warranty but check with the converter to make sure the conversion doesn’t void it. In addition, parts and appliances in the conversion such as fridges, leisure batteries, power management systems, hobs, etc. will carry their own warranties.
  • Less Chance of Mechanical Issues: Newer vehicles are less likely to experience mechanical challenges as they have no wear and tear or use in the engine and other parts.

Pros Of Buying A Used Campervan

  • Better Price: When buying a used motorhome, you can be expected to pay significantly less than you would if you were buying a new vehicle. On top of paying less, you also often lose less of the value (by percentage) than when buying brand-new.
  • Potentially a Private Sale: you may get lucky and find a private seller that is looking for a quick sale and therefore get a good deal”
  • Large Selection and Variety of Units: With a used campervan you may be able to find vintage or sought-after older models. You may even find a gem.
  • Insurance Costs: When insuring an older campervan, you will likely pay a smaller rate than if you were insuring a brand-new unit.

Cons Of Buying A New Campervan

  • More Expensive: New campervans come with a higher ticker price because of the higher cost of production, the margin of profit for the dealers and manufacturers, and the added benefit of better features and tech.
  • Higher Insurance Costs: Newer vehicles, particularly campervans, are more expensive to insure.
  • Some Depreciation: Unlike cars which instantly lose 15-35% of their value when driven off the court, vans do hold their value longer however, compared to a second-hand vehicle, that drop will be higher.

Cons Of Buying A Used Campervan

  • More Potential for Mechanical Problems: Older vehicles are known to be prone to mechanical issues, which is a problem, even for the mechanically inclined.
  • No Warranty: Extended warranties are unheard of for used campervans, specifically because of the potential for mechanical problems but check with your dealer to make sure.
  • Unsure of Vehicle History: A campervan is only as good as the last owner that took care of it. The interior, the electrical systems, and many other parts of the vehicle can be uncared for, reducing its lifespan and downgrading the experience.
  • Shorter Life Span: Older vehicles, particularly campervans, will not last as long as the new ones.

New or Used? Which Is the Right Campervan for You?

Understanding the pros and cons of buying a campervan is crucial to knowing which of option is right for you. Use this guide, alongside your campervan goals and aspirations, to make the best choice and enjoy the freedom that the campervan life gives you.

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