Born To Ride: How To Pack Your Harley For The Perfect Road Trip

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Congratulations on your new Harely! You must be eager to embark on your first motorcycle road trip, aren’t you? True, Harleys are excellent for commuting, but every bike lover longs to take his ride for a cross-country journey whenever he has the chance.

Harleys are designed to withstand long distances and challenging weather. They will take you wherever you want to go, allowing you to completely appreciate the feeling of freedom that comes with travelling. Travelling long distances on a Harley is a mind-blowing experience you must experience firsthand, whether alone or with good company.

But before you can embark on that epic road trip you’ve been dreaming of, you need to make sure you pack your Harley with all the essentials. In this article, we’ll provide some tips on how to pack for the perfect road trip, including the use of motorcycle bags.

A Good Harley Travel Bag Is The Best Investment You Could Make

Regardless of how much luggage you want to bring, you should invest in a high-quality Harley travel bag for your bike. It’s a wise purchase that will benefit you in the long run.

The best indicator of a high-quality travel bag for Harely is the material it’s made of. Cowhide bags are the highest quality option available. It is a natural choice for bike luggage due to its thickness. The tightly packed fibres in cowhide make it durable, water-resistant, and long-lasting.

There is no denying that leather makes high-quality bags, but it is not the only option. The wide selection of Harley luggage also includes synthetic materials, which are robust and long-lasting.

There are a variety of Harley Davidson travel bags available, including saddle bags, tank bags, and tail bags. One type that is particularly popular with riders is the saddle bag. Saddlebags fit over the rear fender of the bike and provide ample storage space for clothing, gear, and other essentials. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be made from materials such as leather or synthetic materials.

When selecting bags, consider the size and style of your bike, as well as your personal preferences. Experiment with a few different ones on your saddle to determine which suits it best. Make sure it fits properly and is comfortable when riding your bike. Give it some thought, and don’t decide quickly.

Pack The Essentials For Staying Comfortable On The Road

Pack The Essentials For Staying Comfortable On The Road

After selecting your luggage, it’s time to begin packing. Less is usually more when it comes to packing for a road trip with a bike. So, to have everything you need to feel secure and comfortable you want to pack only what is necessary.

Consider the activities you’ll perform and what the weather will be like when choosing your attire and equipment. If you’re going to be riding in chilly conditions, for instance, pack warm clothing like a jacket, gloves, and a cap. Have suitable footwear and equipment if you intend to go trekking or camping.

It’s also crucial to bring along emergency supplies like a first aid kit, a torch, and a phone charger.

Don’t Forget A Well-Stocked Toolkit

Even after having your bike properly maintained, it is always a good idea to travel with a tool kit and some essential spare parts. These things won’t take up much room. Even on short rides, you should always have them with you.

In the odd event that you experience a breakdown while travelling, make an effort to contact the nearest mechanic. A tool pack can come in very helpful and enable you to independently travel to the closest garage.

Ask your mechanic for some advice if you lack first-hand knowledge of your bike’s mechanics. For instance, what you should carry in terms of tools and stuff you can fix yourself.

Load The Bike Properly

Once you’ve packed your bags, it’s time to load your bike. Loading your bike properly is important for both safety and performance. Here are some tips:

  1. Position your saddlebags evenly on both sides of the bike.
  2. Adjust the straps or bungee cords to ensure that your bags are securely fastened to your bike.
  3. Check that the weight of your Harley Davidson carry-on luggage is evenly distributed.
  4. Adjust the suspension on your bike to compensate for the weight of your luggage.

Prepare Your Seat For Long-Distance Riding

Despite how much you may enjoy riding, spending a lot of time on the road can be uncomfortable. Riding in town is different from going for a cross-country ride. The seat can become uncomfortable after spending several hours in the saddle. So, think about getting some gel seat padding.

A backrest can provide additional support so you can lean back while riding. It attaches to your seat, and you may even choose from gel alternatives to match your gel seat.

No matter how tough you think you are, having some seat padding and a backrest can come in handy in certain circumstances. Even if you have your entire trip carefully planned out, unforeseen events could still force you to ride for a longer time at some point.

How To Ride with Motorcycle Bags

Finally, it’s time to hit the road. Riding with motorcycle bags can take some getting used to, especially if not used to carrying extra weight. The following advice may help you:

  1. Practice riding with your luggage before you hit the open road. This will help you get used to the added weight and wind resistance.
  2. Be mindful of your turns, especially when taking sharp turns. The extra weight can affect your balance, so take it slow.
  3. Adjust your riding style to compensate for the added weight. This may include giving yourself more space to brake or accelerating more slowly.
  4. Be aware of wind resistance. The larger your bags, the more wind resistance you’ll experience. This can affect your speed and manoeuvrability, so be mindful of it while riding.
  5. Take regular breaks to stretch your legs and stay refreshed. Long rides can be tiring, so it’s important to take care of yourself while on the road.
How to Ride with Motorcycle Bags

Some Words Before You Take Off 

There is nothing like the freedom of hitting the open road on your Harley. With the right Harley travel bag, packing strategy, and riding style, you can have the adventure of a lifetime.

So pack well, buckle up your helmet, and get ready for a journey that will take you to new places, meet new people, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, so enjoy every moment!

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