Avoiding The Most Dangerous Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycling is an exhilarating activity for many, but it can also be dangerous, and it is important to be careful on the roadways and reduce the chances that you will be involved in an accident. Here are a few of the most dangerous types of motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them.

Left-Hand Turns

A common cause of motorcycle accidents is a driver in a car making a left-hand turn and crashing into a motorcycle as a result of not realizing that it was there or realizing too late. This is often the result of them being distracted or inaccurately judging a motorcycle’s speed.

Motorcyclists should always pay close attention to nearby vehicles and remaining within the speed limit. Anticipate the driver not having seen you and respond accordingly.

Note that this type of accident can be the result of the motorcycle and car going in the same direction as well as in opposite directions. To avoid the former case, also stay out of a driver’s blind spot as best as you can.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Unsafe lane changes often occur for a similar reason as same-direction left-hand turn accidents: a car driver not thoroughly checking their blind spot before leaving their lane. Also, an inattentive motorcyclist may have not seen the turn signal being turned on.

However, it is also possible for the motorcyclist to be the one engaging in an unsafe lane change and causing an accident as a result. To avoid doing this, always signal before changing to a new lane as well as glancing behind you immediately prior to moving.

Head-On Collision

Although head-on collisions are not as common of a motorcycle accident, when they do occur, the chances of a fatality or severe injuries is especially high due to the size difference between a car and a motorcycle. To reduce the odds of this occurring, ensure that you are always scanning vehicles coming at you for any possible last-second changes and avoid the left lane.

Car Door

As a motorcyclist, you should be wary of driving past parked cars as a door could be opened right when you get to it, possibly causing severe injuries or death. Avoiding squeezing between a lane of traffic and parked cars sitting adjacent to it will reduce this possibility. If there is no way to avoid being close to parked cars, drive much slower than you otherwise would.


Debris left on the road can be especially hazardous to motorcyclists as compared to those driving cars. To avoid this resulting in a motorcycle accident, make sure to always be scanning the coming roadway and drive at a speed that allows you to avoid any dangerous debris that you spot. Also be wary of upcoming corners, slowing down when your line of vision is significantly reduced.


It is important to avoid speeding in all conditions as speeding greatly increases the chances of an accident. This is primarily because the time allowed to make last-second decisions is greatly reduced.

Lane Splitting

Driving a motorcycle between two lanes can be an inviting proposition, especially during a traffic jam, but it is illegal in most of the country and is a dangerous maneuver that should be avoided. The main reasons are because car drivers often do not see motorcyclists doing this and are not anticipating it and the motorcyclist having significantly less room to operate in.

Sudden Stops

A car suddenly stopping can cause an accident with a following motorcyclist. To avoid this and possibly needing to swerve, follow cars from a safe distance.


While riding a motorcycle, you are likely to encounter many road hazards. Unfortunately, serious motorcycle accidents that cause injury or even death can occur on busy highways, city roads and rural routes. The small city of Spokane, Washington alone saw 78 motorcycle accidents in 2022. By educating yourself on common causes of motorcycle accidents and riding defensively to avoid them, you can help assure you arrive safely at your destination.

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