Maintenance Tips for Harley Davidson Motorcycle

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Harley Davidson is a high-valued vehicle investment that requires proper maintenance to keep its best performance. Even though owners have manufacturer-issued Harley Davidson services with maintenance plans, the diverse riding styles also generate a spectrum of maintenance requirements and timelines. It’s very important to keep up with your Harley Davidson maintenance needs for the best riding experiences. Check our maintenance tips for your Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Once you’ve decided to make the leap and finally purchase a new Harley Davidson, your next focus should be maintained. Harley Davidson is a high-valued vehicle investment that requires proper maintenance to keep its best performance.

Keep An Eye on The Limbs

Every Harley Davidson owner should put high concern on the wheels for safety and performance reasons. You should check your tires before, during, and after riding your motorcycle. It’s very important to keep the correct air pressure measurement referring to the standard psi to ease the braking system and steering. Watch the tire treat whether it’s worn out or needs puncture service. It’s also advisable to check your tire at Harley Davidson specialist auto shop like

Proper Oil Change

While regular oil change is based on the Harley Davidson services mileage and timeframe or determined intervals, Harley Davidson’s engine oil actually has specific requirements. In fact, your driving style also affects oil use. You may need an oil cooler when summertime to prevent your engine from overheating that could wreck it and cost you Harley service prices for a full repair. Ensure that your engine has adequate oil to keep its efficient performance and extend the lifespan. If you frequently run your bike in long miles, make the oil change and addition more regular.

Clean and Change Air Filter

Every Harley Davidson owner should clean the air filter regularly and replace it when the time comes. If you frequently ride your bike through the dusty area, then you’d need to clean them more regularly to keep your engine from damaging dirt. The clogged air filter can drive fuel inefficiency and decrease engine performance. Change the air filter if it no longer works properly when on service Harley Davidson motor. A small investment in an air filter would protect your engine better.

Carefully Maintain Brakes

The braking system is a fundamental element of safely riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. You need to ensure the brake pads, brake lights, brake disc, brake rotors, and brake fluid are in good condition. The more frequently you use the brake, the more regular you should check parts of your braking system. Harley Davidson is a heavy bike that needs reliable stopping power for safe riding.

Regular Battery Maintenance

Harley Davidson’s battery can last for years with proper maintenance. While you can request battery inspection when taking your bike for regular Harley Davidson services based on the plan, there are things you can do to maintain your battery in the meantime. Keep your battery fully recharged when not used for a long time. Watch out for any leakage and store your battery in a warm place or use it regularly during winter to avoid cracking.


Even though manufacturers and dealers have prescribed regular maintenance with determined intervals, Harley Davidson owner needs to check and maintain their bikes in the meantime. A more robust riding style requires you to check tires, change oil, clean air filter, and maintain the braking system more often. Proper HD service and maintenance keep your Harley Davidson’s best performance and riding experience while extending its lifespan. Visit

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