Wrenchware 3-Piece Set Review

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The Wrenchware is 3 Piece cutlery set. It is perfect for those people who like to have dinner and work on their garage at the same time. The Wrenchware set contains a fork, a spoon, and a knife. The Wrenchware 3 Piece set is made of strong 18/10 stainless steel and comes in heavy duty ABS plastic box. The Wrenchware is the need of the modern era. It is a perfect and best cutlery set for a professional worker. Wrenchware is an amazing invention which saves time and money.

The Wrenchware Cutlery Set is, of course, innovation, and we wouldn’t imagine a clutch to change with the fork wrench. You can set up twin carbs with the spoon wrench, but you can use all these to eat your lunch dinner and meal. It is a strong and portable cutlery set.

Wrenchware is a good quality heavy duty 3 Piece cutlery set that gives you two in one option. And save your time and money. That is very useful for your work and lunch. So, place an order today to get this wonderful invention today.


Jay Wrenchware is an American citizen who lives in Southern California with his wife and two sons. Jay is professionally a mechanic and all-day work in his garage. Mostly, he is busy enough in his work that he forgets to take his breakfast and lunch on time. Or sometimes he didn’t get cutlery to eat his lunch breakfast or dinner.

Once on a busy day, he thought to make something different. He took the wrench over to the band-saw and cut off the box end and another wrench’s open end. He also cut the head of the fork and spoon. Then he glued them on. So, this Wrenchware is invented that day.

Everybody loves his product and suggested him to sell this invention as he is a retired person and didn’t have a lot of money to set up a new business. But after some time, he decided to sell his property and some other assists. Then he did this. Finally, he got some money to purchase some old factory to make his invented product. Soon he gets an old factory and finds some investment partners in South California.

Wrenchware is a new invention. So, people like it the most. Jay Wrenchware uses excellent and thick material for his Wrenchware. He uses 18/10 stainless steel material for his product.

He also designs a tough and strong case cover with durable ABS plastic material for a strong and durable plastic box. Now, this product is cool enough for everyone that everybody likes to use it. It is not famous only in mechanics but also in ordinary people and classic lovers.

Moreover, Wrenchware is a modern world invention. It is a simple tool and cutlery set with a hard and tough material. A portable gadget which saves our time and money. We can take it with our self on a picnic event, on a busy day. We can put Wrenchware always in our car. So, we can use it in an emergency or when we didn’t have anything with themselves. Tools are also useful for us during a picnic or on a long journey.

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