Free as a Bird: Exploring the Jeep Lifestyle

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The Jeep lifestyle is something that you can’t ignore as a new Jeep owner. Whether on the road or offroad, you have control of a powerful machine that can do anything. To get started, here are some things to know about becoming fully immersed as a Jeep owner.

The Cool Factor

Once you visit a dodge dealership Texas, the star of the show becomes a Jeep. Whether it is an old model or new, the Jeep life is something that eventually calls to us all. There is nothing quite like it, so it’s something you have to experience to fully appreciate. But before you join the club, take a look at all of the benefits of owning a Jeep.

The first benefit is great offroad capabilities without being too big. You can always buy a pickup truck, but a Jeep is in its own category due to the size. A pickup truck is equipped to do its own thing for work, while a Jeep is equipped from the ground up for adventure. Whether you’re a mountain climber, hiker or camper, there are plenty of add-ons to make your Jeep compatible for the trip.

Benefit number two is mileage, which is also tied to wear and tear. Most cars tap out and begin to have serious problems past 100,000 miles. For a well-maintained Jeep, this is just another number. There are some truly remarkable models out there, with many surpassing 400,000 miles!

The last benefit of owning a Jeep is flexibility with the models. Within the Dodge brand, there are several different Jeep models to choose from. A minor difference is a big deal for the customer, and that is why model choice is such an important part of Jeep ownership.

Talk To Your Mechanic

Whether you use your own guy or the dealership resources, talking to a mechanic is recommended. You need to be comfortable enough with their knowledge when it comes to Jeeps. You don’t need a specialized mechanic like luxury vehicles, but there needs to be a comfort zone. If a mechanic doesn’t seem to understand the basics of a Jeep, then chances are they are the wrong choice for your Jeep lifestyle. Talk to the mechanic, get a feel for what they’re about, then take it from there.

Understand 4×4 Physics

Any 4×4 is susceptible to the basic laws of physics. At high speeds with erratic driving, any vehicle on the road is in danger. Despite what myths have formed online, Jeeps are no more in danger of ‘wobbling’ than an SUV. The rumors around Jeep wobbling are based solely on modded-out kits that defy the specifications of the original vehicle. There is nothing wrong with modifying a Jeep, but make sure it happens at a reputable source. Lift kits and big tires look great on a Jeep, but not if it means sacrificing your safety.

Have Fun

Learning the Jeep wave is part of the fun. Treat your vehicle with respect, and it will give you multiple years of loyalty. As a new Jeep owner, you’re now part of a club that takes care of their own.

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