Why You Should Customise Your Dirt Bike With Motocross Graphics

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Over the years, the popularity of motocross racing, dirt bike racing, and stomp racing have soared. Even those who are simply looking for a non-gas-guzzling alternative to their transport to and from work are getting into the habit of riding motorcycles. However, they opt for the more traditional models.

Meanwhile, those who are getting into motocross as a sport tend to veer towards sportier models like KTM bikes. These are Austrian bikes which are specifically made for motocross. KTM motocross and KTM dirt bike models are known for their excellent performance and durability, so it is necessary to really consider the brand if you wish to get into the sport.

However, if you already have a dirt bike and are looking to spruce it up with cool graphics but need to know more, we’ve got you covered. Have a look.

Motocross Graphics for Brand Recognition

As mentioned earlier, let’s say you already have a bike. This is when you can go subtle or overboard with the accessories – depending on your personality. If you already are a professional motocross racer, you’d definitely need to brand your bike – which is where motocross graphics come in.

As the name implies, motocross graphics are painted on or sticker designs on the body of dirt bikes. If your goal is for people to recognise your brand while you’re on the racetrack, then your motocross graphics need to be as bold as possible. This way, the letters of your brand can be easily seen even from afar.

If you have a symbol or a logo as your brand, it should also be easily visible from afar. If you want, you can either use contrasting or complementing colours to design the motocross graphics pop from your bike’s body.

Motocross Graphics for Personalising Your Riding Style

Similarly, you can use motocross graphics to personalise your ride. This is something that many riders have fun with – because putting your personal stamp on everything allows you to use your imagination and personal style. There are a lot of motocross graphics that you can use to design your dirt bike.

For instance, those who would like to give off a nationalistic vibe can use a stars and stripes pattern on their motorcycle body. A camouflage pattern can also be used, the colours of which can be the traditional green or an entirely different hue. Designs of skulls, cartoon characters, tribal patterns – almost anything under the sun can be used as the main design on your motocross graphics.

The helmet is another good item to use the cool graphics. If yours is outdated, consider airoh helmets. They are sturdy and comfortable. You can use your helmet’s front or back areas to stick your lucky number or sun sign. These are the areas that grab the most attention of people. Many pro riders like to use their lucky number on the Helmet’s front as a good omen to win the race or stay safe.

Where To Find Customised Motocross Graphics

“Where can you have your motocross graphics made?”

This question troubles several motocross graphics enthusiasts. When you go to a bike shop, you can buy a ready-made stencil to either spray paint or stick on your bike’s body.

There are online stores where you can get specially designed motocross graphics. Just specify which design and which part of the bike’s body you will be placing the design in – and you can have the design placed on the body of your motocross bike.

Wrapping Up

Motocross graphics are a good way to brand and customise your lovely dirt bike. However, you must have answers to all the important questions before going for it. Use this article as a guide, and go ahead, customise your bike with cool graphics!

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