How to Install Fog Lights

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Fog lights, one of the best safety features ever you can find in the vehicles that can actually help you while you are driving at low light, or even with the zero visibility chances of road conditions.

Some car owners don’t know the real cause behind the fog lights, and that’s how they avoid installing the lights onto their vehicles. That’s why we are here with the possible solutions of how to install fog lights easily and more conveniently?

These fog lights can produce such powerful and beam light effects by which you can be able to see things despite having smoke, moisture, and fog. You can see even with more visibility and a clearer view of the roads.

And if you just rely on your headlights, then maybe you can’t even see streets in the toughest weather conditions, and that’s how incidents happen.

However, some cars may have come up with already installed fog lights, while some of them don’t have any of them. So, if your car is the one that doesn’t have fog lights installed, then this article is the right choice for you to take a minute and read.

Choose the Right Type of Fog Light

You need to make sure to choose further the fog light that can actually match your vehicle perfectly. Make a decision first before buying the fog lights, there may have come different colors available in the fog lights:

  • Yellow fog light: this color of fog lights will be offering you clearer visibility of the roads, even at the darkest or moisture conditions.
  • Blue fog light: this one provides you with fine clarity when fog or moisture hits the car.
  • White fog light: this one is clearer and gives you more visibility for sure, but this can easily tire the eyes within an instant.

Choose the Area in Which you are Going to Place Fog Lights

Before you take a dig into the process of installation of fog lights, you need first to determine the actual location you want to place fog lights into.

Many car owners choose the location of placing fog lights onto their vehicle on the bumper side. However, most of the cars come with a slot for fog lights on the side of the bumper.

And this can give you an easier way to install the fog lights quickly without taking much time. Therefore, some cars do not have such slots available for fog lights. And that’s how you need to start thinking about some other possible ways of how to install fog lights easily.

You can have many places to install fog lights such as:

  • Bumper guard
  • Grilles
  • Racks on trucks
  • And SUVs, giving you some ideal places to install fog lights.

Design the Wiring for Placing your Fog Lights

Regardless of the type of fog lights or which area you want to mount them, you still need to connect them with your vehicle’s electrical system. However, it is always best to learn the wiring of fog lights through a diagram that also comes up with your lights package.

So, with the diagram, you will be able to watch it and learn which wire needs to be connected to the car’s electrical system.

Although, a standard fog light comes with several wires. In which the wires include:

  • Black colored ground wire
  • White power wire
  • Green switch wire
  • Red fog light split wire.

However, you may also find a relay, a switch of fog light, and as well as a fuse. So, it is always best for you to further check the manual of your fog lights so that you may know what functions you need according to the wire colors.

Then, find out the pass-through hole of your vehicle’s firewall. In many cars, the hole is available on the front side of the driver of the firewall. And this is the spot where you need to pass the wires of fog lights.

If any case, you don’t feel able to find the one, then you can also take help while drilling a hole through the firewall. And make sure to further install the rubber grommet as well around the fog light wire so that it can help to maintain the elements out.

Now, it is Time to Connect the Wires

There are no doubts or confusion if you learn the actual process of connecting the fog lights wires before doing anything. When you know the process, then you can prevent yourself from electric shocks and other damages.

  • Now simply, open up the car’s hood and disconnect the battery negative terminal. So, you can be able to prevent yourself from getting any electric shock in the future process.
  • If you see that your vehicle doesn’t even have the fog light switch, then you need to install the one on your own.
  • Choose an area in the steering column or through the dashboard where you can be able to easily install the on/off switch button of fog lights. Look out for the ground to further connect the wire of the switch’s ground.
  • Well, that can be a bolt that actually goes through the metal. Now, look for a positive connection as well. And also, you need to check your fuse box cover for the exact position of a spare accessory.
  • After that, plug the light switch’s positive connectors into the empty fuse.
  • Insert the wiring of fog lights from the car’s engine bay via the hole of pass-through in the firewall. Now, connect the on/off switch wiring to the fog lights wiring.
  • During this process, don’t forget to check the diagram of the wiring in between so that you will be making sure that everything goes to the straight point.
  • Once you are sure that all connectors are absolutely in the perfect position, you can connect all the wires with the help of cable ties.

Install the Fog Lights

Once you have done with all the wiring process, now you need to start the actual installation process of fog lights.

  • First, you need to remove the bumper (well, installing fog lights actually depends on which area you want to place fog lights).
  • You can also take help to read the owner’s manual, where you can find the steps of removing the bumper of the car.
  • If you haven’t found any precut holes in the bumper of your car, then you need to make it on your own personal.
  • These precut holes actually help you to place or install fog lights on the bumper of your car.
  • Take help with a rotary cutting tool to create precut holes.
  • Make sure to create such a size of holes, which are actually a bit bigger in the size of your fog lights.
  • Then, connect the wires of fog lights.
  • Here, you need to connect the ground wire extension towards the fog light’s black ground wires.
  • Then connect the rest of the ends of each ground wire.

And that’s it!


To install fog lights easily, we have shown you the proper step-by-step guide above. We hope that now you know how to install fog lights without any inconvenience. So, do it now, and don’t forget to share your experience with us…

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