Who Sells Costco Automotive Battery? Advice For Costco Car Battery Buyers

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Cars are one of the most celebrated inventions of humankind. Bits and pieces of metals, wires, and fuel were thrown together, creating a piece of complex machinery that is now widely used. During the olden days, steam engine-powered cars had oversized tires with no roof. While the first gas-powered car only has three wheels and can only drive two people at a time (read more).

Modern technology has made cars more advanced over the years. Technology also developed modern car parts to provide a high-quality drive experience. Every car part is important, no matter how small it is. A small piece of faulty gasket can destroy your car engine over time. A small leak from your gas tank can endanger your car and your life. Every tiny piece of metal or tube has an important role to play.

But, as we all know, one of the most essential components of a car is its battery. It is the one that breathes life into your car. It is the power behind your car music, wipers, lights, your engine, and a million other things. Without it, you will be left stranded on the side of a dark road.

There is a wide array of battery types to choose from in an automotive store. And contrary to popular belief, the expensive ones are not always the best. Even a Costco-bought car battery treated with care can last you for more than six years.

Yes, you heard that right. Costco does sell quality car batteries. Here is some information on the batteries they sell.

What is Costco?

Costco is a popular American wholesale warehouse that offers everything. From megapacks of detergent to huge plasma TVs and an iPod set. It is a real-life treasure hunting experience where you go in to buy only a pack of tissue rolls but you go out with a bundle of salsa packs, a tub of mayo, and a new appliance. Costco contains over 40,000 different products – one of those is a car battery. Check them out here

Costco Car Batteries

Costco Car Batteries

Costco only trusts and offers one brand of automotive battery and that is Interstate Batteries. They can power every kind of vehicle aside from cars. From marine boats to golf carts and lawnmowers, Interstate batteries can power every adventure you have in mind. They also live by their Green Standard. This is a system that they created to handle proper battery handling and recycling.

Costco Interstate battery prices depend on its type and size. It can range from $55 to $120. Generally, they offer a 42-month car battery warranty. But, there are certain specifications before they grant you this limited warranty. You can head on to this Costco Interstate car battery review from Battery Man Guide for more information.

Costco batteries are available at every one of Costco’s 500 branches nationwide.

Advice For Costco Battery Buyers

Shopping for a car battery is not easy especially if you are not keen when it comes to all things automotive. So, here are some tips to consider before buying a car battery at Costco

  1. Find the right size

Every automotive battery has a group size. It points to a battery’s dimensions; its width, height, and length. It also pertains to the orientation of a battery’s terminal. You can check your old battery’s label to know what battery size to look for. You can also find it on the car’s manual, under the specs section.

Also, consider a battery’s cranking amps or CA. It pertains to a battery’s ability to start while in a certain climate. There are specialized batteries built to withstand harsh driving conditions.

  1. Choose the fresh one

After finding the right size, look for the battery’s manufacturing date stamp. Pick one that is 3 months old or less. A battery that is more than six months old tends to die sooner than a fresher battery. Though with the help of an battery reconditioning expert, your dead battery could be functional again.

  1. Choose the type of maintenance

There are two types of batteries based on maintenance. A sealed type battery requires no maintenance while an unsealed battery needs low maintenance.

The sealed type is a battery sealed with liquid electrolyte and does not need added water. The non-sealed type comes with a removable battery cap. It allows you to check each cell and add water if needed. The low maintenance battery is widely used since it can function even in warm climates.

  1. The battery’s reserve capacity

The reserve capacity pertains to the amount of time a fully-charged battery delivers 25 amperes while in an 80 degree Fahrenheit environment, before it is discharged to a 10.5 V. In layman’s terms, it means that it is the amount of power a battery can supply before going dead, without the help of an alternator. The higher a battery’s reserve capacity is, the more it can perform well during tough situations.

  1. Battery warranty

Generally, a car battery’s manufacturer grants a full warranty of three years from the date of purchase. Consider warranties when buying your new car battery.

  1. Know the right battery type

  • Lead Acid Battery

This type of battery has a lead-based metal plate submerged in an electrolyte solution.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat ­

AGM batteries are the upgraded version of the regular lead-acid battery. Its electrolyte is contained in a fine, fiberglass mat. This prevents spillage of the sulfuric acid held inside. It is reliable, able to deliver high currents, and has long battery life.

  • Deep Cycle Battery

This is like the lead-acid battery but with thicker metal plates. It delivers a steady current over some time. It is usually used in golf carts and marine vehicles.

  • Gel Battery or the valve-regulated lead-acid battery.

It is a sealed battery that contains less acid than most car batteries. Instead of acid, it uses a gel electrolyte which makes it spill-proof. They are lighter in weight and can hold a steady charge for long periods.

  • Lithium-Ion Battery

It is a rechargeable electric battery. It is lighter, more durable, and sustainable.

Buying the most expensive, top-grade battery does not guarantee a long battery life. It all depends on how you use and attend to its needs. Car batteries need to be maintained and inspected by a technician every year.

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