What Windshield Wipers Do I Need?

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Windshield wipers are also known as windscreen wipers. These are also an essential component of every vehicle. It is a legal requirement. All vehicles, including trucks and watercraft with an attached cabin, consists of windshields.

The function of windshield wipers is pretty simple. During the rainy season or under cold, snowy climatic conditions, when water wallows over the front screen surface, the windshield wipers in used to remove the splashed water or snow over the surface by moving back and forth.

The windshield wiper is also used to remove dirt or any debris present over the mirror surface. The importance of windshield wipers is often ignored since the vehicle engine and other braking system components require a lot of attention.

However, when we encounter a risky condition like excessive rain, our front screen becomes wet with water, and our vision while driving becomes hazy, and you put yourself and the other drivers in danger. That’s when we understand the rank of the windshield wiper.

Windshield wiper consists of a metal arm with two ends. One end is attached to the pivot, and the other is attached to a long rubber blade.

The windshield wiper also helps to clean the dirt or ice present over the front mirror. The windshield wiper sprays water through the attached nozzles over the surface, and the windshield wiper moves back and forth to remove the dirt or ice.

When to Replace the Windshield Wiper

The windshields are not given much importance until a complicated rainy condition is met. Many professionals believe that windshield wipers must be substituted every six months to one year at all-out.

However, when you feel that your wiper blades are not working correctly, its best to get them replaced. The following sign is essential in knowing when to replace the windshield wipers.

Take a close look at your windshield wiper. It consists of a long rubber arm. If the rubber is no smoother or is broken into shards or fissured, it’s time to change your rubber blade wipers.

If you notice that despite spraying water on the windshield and the wipers are moving back and forth, but leaving a thin film over the windshield, it’s better to get these wipers checked and changed.

Sometimes the wiper makes a shrieking or appalling noise while moving back and forth over the windshield. This indicates that the wipers have lost their worth and are only dragging themselves.

During snowy conditions, the rubber arm of the wipers bend or become damaged. This requires immediate replacement since it might damage the windshield.

When water is poured over the windshield, the wiper blades don not reach the corners of the windshield or sometimes fail to come into contact or clean the central portion. This requires immediate replacement.

During winter, replace your standard regular wipers with different wipers that are mainly designed to withstand cold or snowy climatic conditions.

Types of Windshield Wipers

The following significant types of windshield wipers are

  1. Conventional or Standard Windshield Wipers

These wipers are most commonly found and used. They have the shape of a hanger, which is used to hang clothes. It has a replaceable rubber arm. And it is attached to your vehicle utilizing a hook arm wiper. However, nowadays, they are in failure.

These wipers exhibit a straight curvature rather than a curved one. Due to this, they come into contact with the windshield approximately 6 to 8 points. They are also subjected to a phenomenon called wind drift. They are unable to stay in contact during heavy wind.

  1. Beam Wipers

These are the superior wipers. Suppose you have an extra penny switch from conventional to beam. You will see a significant prominent difference.

The wipers have a curved curvature, and so it covers all the contact points of the windshield. These also press against the shield and apply pressure to clean the windshield. They also fight against wind resistance.

Beam wipers are made up of rubber and high forte steel.

  1. Hybrid

Similar to conventional wipers. But these wipers last long because they have a good quality rubber covering that resists water and shows excellent cleaning.

Which Windshield do I need

Every vehicle is different, and hence required different windshield wipers. But finding a suitable pair of wipers is not tricky. You can give a thorough look. But more conveniently, you can check your owner’s manual to determine the compatible pair.

Secondly, you can also search online by typing your car model and year. This way, you can get a long list of compatible wipers.

Thirdly, the climate you live in determines the type of wipers your car needs if you live under a harsh and cold climate, it’s best to spend some extra penny by buying beam wipers because these are made up of high-quality steel and rubber.

Lastly, your way of driving matters too. If you don’t drive regularly, then standard budget-friendly wipers will do well, but if you drive a lot and that too under harsh climatic conditions, it’s best to buy wipers that can withstand the harsh load.

Material to be Used

While buying wipers size and model of the wipers are not the only things to be considered. It is essential to determine the size and type of material suitable for the blade.

  • Generally, the wipers have a metal frame with rubber coating, but the following materials are used, which are rubber, silicone, and coated.
  • The rubber wipers are cheap and are easy to place over the wipers. That’s why drivers commonly use these. But these wipers tend to get damaged and wear during cold conditions.
  • The silicone wipers are expensive but are highly durable. These are best used during cold rainy conditions as they don’t wear off quickly and provide excellent vision and cleaning.
  • Coated wipers consist of a rubber framework which is coated with graphite or Teflon. These are best to use instead of rubber wipers as they protect the inside rubber from wearing off.

Size of the Wiper Blades

The size of the blades is equally vital as the model or material to be used or choose. The wiper on the driver’s side is often long in size compared to the passenger’s side. This is because the vision of the driver’s side is more important.

  • If the two blades are equally significant and lengthy, they will bump and hit one another. As a result, they will hinder the driver’s view while driving.
  • If the blades are short, they fail to clean all the contact points of the windshield.
  • You can use your owner’s manual or search online to determine the exact blade size suitable for your vehicle type.


With thorough knowledge and understanding, you can easily buy new and cheap wipers. The material size and model matters a lot.

You can use your owner manual or search online to get the best pair of wipers. But don’t neglect the wipers as they help to clean the windshield and provide you exceptional vision.

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