Toyota Investing $1.3 Billion Into Kentucky For New Electric SUV

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Guess what? Toyota’s investing $1.3 billion into a Kentucky factory to make a cool new electric SUV just for us! Yep, it’s true! They spilled the beans on Tuesday. This SUV, with three rows of seats, will hit the roads sometime between late 2025 and early 2026. And get this – it’s all part of Toyota’s big plan to throw $35 billion into making more electric vehicles by 2030.

Now, they’re keeping tight-lipped about the nitty-gritty details of this SUV. But you can bet it’s going to give competitors like Rivian R1S and Kia EV9 a run for their money.

This news comes at a time when not everyone’s rushing to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon. Some folks are dragging their feet on going electric, which has made some car companies pump the brakes on their electric plans.

But not Toyota. They’re saying, ‘Hey, electric cars are great and all, but there are other ways to save the planet too.’ That’s why they’re still jazzed about hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and even hydrogen fuel cells.

So, while the world’s biggest carmaker is all about going green, they’re keeping their options open. And who knows? Maybe that new electric SUV will be just the ride we’ve been waiting for!”

Source: CNBC

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