The Jeep NSG-370 Manual Transmission

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Jeep NSG-370 Manual Transmission

The first time a 6-speed was used in a Jeep was in 2005 with the introduction of the Jeep NSG-370 manual transmission. The proof of the association or cooperation between Chrysler and Daimler that time is the NSG370 transmission.

The full expression of the acronym NSG is the German “Neues Schaltgetriebe.” Neues Schaltgetriebe means “new switching transmission” or “new manual shifting transmission.”

In the vehicles made by Wrangler and Liberty, the Jeep NSG370 manual transmission is the replacement for the NV3550 having the same strength and the NV1500 which is the lighter duty. Vehicles from both Chrysler and Mercedes contained the NSG-370.

Examples of Chrysler and Mercedes vehicles having the 370 are the ML-Series and Crossfire.


The loading of the NSG370 is longitudinal, and it shifts on the top. Six speeds consisting of a direct drive 5th gear and a 6th gear that is overdriven is characteristic of NSG370. All its gears have full synchronization. It is also known for the cutting of gears in a helical manner for all speeds.

How to identify:

There is a cast aluminum case having generous ribbing in the NSG370; the bearing retainer located in the front possesses a throw-out sleeve that is inherent to hold an ordinary throw-out bearing. The versions, Jeep 4.0L I6, and a Mopar 3.7L V6 have its front bell housing that is inherent with the parts.

The number of splines in its input shaft is ten with each having a diameter of 1-1/8″. However, twenty-three splines are applied to the output shaft of Jeep.

NSG370 Specs:

  • Make: Daimler
  • Length: 23.5″ (I6), 24.8″ (V6)
  • Height: 18″
  • Weight: 89 lbs.
  • Case: Cast aluminum
  • PTO Port: None
  • Mfg. Input Torque Rating: 272 ft. Lbs.
  • Fluid Capacity: 3.75 pints / 1.9 quarts
  • Fill / Drain Plug: 14mm Allen / 17mm Allen
  • Gear Ratios (Jeep): (x-to-1):

Transmission Strength:

The strength of the NSG370 is great, and the manufacturer says its input torque capacity is 272 ft. Lbs. It is quite equal and corresponds to the NP231 and NP241OR transfer cases since it has output torque limits in the range 1100 to 1300 ft. Lbs. It is hoped that it will be very durable because of the way its gears are constructed and the visible, effective engineering level of the transmission.

Notwithstanding, the transmission of the 2005 model is said to be problematic for the reverse gear. The problem became so widespread that DCx admitted the need for an update, consisting of a reverse gear kit (#05175903AA). The features of the updated reverse gear kit include a new reverse gear, slider, synchro ring, plus snap rings, an oil seal and countershaft seal plug, incidental to the tear-down required.

Transfer Case Compatibility:

NP231, NP241OR, and NP241J transfer cases were united with the 370 in the factory. Common Jeep or Dodge 6-bolt transfer case mounting face for driver’s side drop transfer cases are the features. There is compatibility between the twenty-three spline output shaft and the twenty-three spline that is in the above transfer cases.

Engine Compatibility:

AMC / Chrysler Jeep

There is factory compatibility between the 370 and the Jeep / AMC 4.0L I6 engine, on equipping with the right bellhousing. Likewise, there is compatibility with the 3.8L V6 on equipping with the appropriate bellhousing fitting.

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