The Kimera Evo38: The Latest Evolution Of The Legend

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After years of quiet, Lancia came back with a revamped Peugeot 208 for their Ypsilon model. But Kimera Automobili, another Italian company, has a fresh approach to rejuvenate the brand. Enter the Evo38, a nod to the mythical Lancia 038 that never officially hit the roads.

The 038 was meant to be the sequel to the iconic 037, the last rear-wheel-drive car to snatch the WRC title in ’83. It was all set for an upgrade with all-wheel drive and more power, but alas, it never got beyond testing. Kimera’s on a mission to rewrite that part of history.

This new Evo38 follows up on the Evo37 from 2021, now packing all-wheel drive and around 100 extra horses under the hood. With tweaks like a beefed-up turbocharger and shorter gear ratios on its six-speed manual, it’s pushing close to 600 hp to all four wheels. Time to see if this modern-day resurrection can live up to its legendary lineage.

Thanks to smart use of carbon fiber and titanium, the Evo38 team kept the weight in check despite adding AWD. It tips the scales at about 1,100 kilograms (2,425 pounds), putting it in the same league as a Mazda MX-5 Miata RF or an Alpine A110S.

Kimera Evo38

In this “Integrale” version, the Evo38 boasts an electrohydraulic differential, which lets you tweak power distribution from inside the car. Plus, the suspension got a makeover with electronically controlled shock absorbers and a lift system for added agility.

Under the hood, it’s packing a re-engineered 2.1-liter engine from Italtecnica, fine-tuned with the expertise of Lancia engineer Claudio Lombardi. They’re also looking to equip it with an electronically actuated sequential gearbox for smooth shifts.

Exciting news – Kimera plans to unveil the Evo38 at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show before rolling out production later this year. While pricing is still under wraps, its predecessor, the 037, went for €480,000 each. That’s roughly $520,000 in today’s currency.


Curiously, the company’s website now features a countdown for their next model, the K-39, set to debut in 120 days, marking June 22, 2024, on our calendars.

Sure, we all wished Lancia would roll out a rally-inspired gem in 2024, but the practicality of the Ypsilon won out, based on existing Stellantis platforms like the Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa.

Yet, outfits like Kimera aren’t waiting around. They’re seizing the opportunity to honor Lancia’s legacy, even if it means digging deep into your pockets for one of their creations.

Source: Kimera, Motor1

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