5 Most Dangerous States For Drivers

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Fatal car accidents happen more often than you may think, and exactly how likely you are to be a part of one depends on where you call home. Forbes recently came out with statistics from an analysis of factors from all 50 states regarding which drivers in the US were most at risk and most dangerous on the roads. So, where does your state rank, and what do you need to look out for most if you live there? Here are the top 5 most dangerous states to be a driver.


The state most known for Bourbon and horse racing has made it to the top of the dangerous drivers list. In the study, it ranked fourth highest for deadly accidents involving distracted drivers. So, be sure to put away your phones and food while the car is moving if you live here. It also ranked high for drivers who tended to fall asleep or be tired behind the wheel. Kentucky comes in ninth for wrong way accidents which caused deaths also.


The state home to some of the greatest country artists and a lot of tornadoes also has a lot of distracted drivers, ranking seventh for those fatal accidents. However, Oklahoma has some unique issues involving drivers who refuse to obey traffic signs or officers, resulting in 1.27 fatal accidents per 100,000 drivers as well as drunk drivers who are involved in more than 13 fatal collisions per 100,000 drivers in the state. With Oklahoma’s large population, especially in the cities, this number adds up. In the state’s largest city, Oklahoma City, there were 100 alcohol related car accidents in 2021, resulting in 16 deaths. If you see an inebriated driver on the road, pull over or lag behind so you don’t end up a victim of one of these crashes.


The state known for open farmland and Dorothy Gale is responsible for a lot of distracted and sleep drivers much like other states on the list. However, what puts it over the top into the danger zone is the fact it’s second worst for distracted driver crashes as well as third worst for disobeying signs and signals.


The beautiful state of the Bayou and Mardis Gras is the second most dangerous state in America to be a driver. This state ranks high in all of the usual, including distracted and drunk driving as well as drivers falling asleep at the wheel. These incidents are responsible for deadly crashes 20 times out of every 100,000 drivers licensed in the state of Louisiana.


Are you surprised or vindicated that the Lone Star state made it to the top of this list? Texas has a mixture of all the problems listed for previous states as well as an astronomically large population. Drowsy and wrong way drivers are the worst culprits for fatal accidents out on the road, so always be vigilante when driving in this state, and please don’t get behind the wheel while tired, distracted, or after a night of drinking.

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