Classified Websites Vs. Car Buying Specialists

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The best place to sell car online is the one which provides convenience, cash payment, safety and more profit. When sellers are looking for best place to sell a car, they might find many ways which claim to be the best and most easy ways to sell car online. The sellers must understand that there are some criteria through which the online place can be judged to be good or bad. As not every car selling way is suitable for all and thus not all online places to sell cars are safe and secure.

The classifieds are one of the latest and best places to sell car online in modern time, which are further divided into classified websites and platforms. The initial process of posting a car for sale advertisement is free in most cases. Not all classified websites give an opportunity to post for free, there are some classified websites who charge a certain amount in case the deal is finalised.

While the specialist car buyer companies are a new phenomenon and let the car sellers sell their vehicle quickly and for cash. We will discuss in details the advantages, disadvantages, and process for the best place to sell my car online.

The Best Place to Sell Car Online – Classified Websites:

Classified Websites

Newspaper classifieds have evolved into classified websites to make the selling and buying conveniently. The online classified website platforms connect buyer and seller directly and eliminate the middleman. This saves some money and time both when there is direct dealing. When looking for places to sell your car, classified websites are the first place which mostly car sellers are looking at. The process is made easy for the sellers and buyers both so that the chances of sale increase.

The seller has to take good quality photos of their vehicle. Make an account on the website and post photos along with all necessary information. When the ad goes live, buyers will start contacting the seller. In this case, the commission of a middleman is eliminated, leaving increased chances for a higher profit margin. Moreover, the seller will start receiving calls from the buyers and non-serious buyers too. The sellers have to identify the time-wasters and potential buyers but remain polite with every caller.


  • No middleman’s intervention in the sale leads to better profit margin in the best place to sell car online.
  • The deal is finalised quickly as negotiation becomes easy.


  • No guaranteed sale.
  • Communication with all callers and potential buyers on your own.
  • Unsafe, as the classified websites do not have any medium to verify the seller.


  • Do not give your sensitive and personal details in the ad. Choose the best place to sell car online carefully.
  • Do not handover vehicle for a test drive alone and without checking the driver’s license, identity card.
  • Always finalise the deal in cash and do not handover vehicle until full payment is received.

Best Place to Sell My Car – Car Buying Specialist Company

Car Buying Specialist Company

The car buying Specialist Companies are the modern way to sell a car quickly and for cash and thus has become the best place to sell car online. The process involves car professional who has made all system online for the safety and convenience of the sellers. In this case, the seller has to check the value of their used car first. All professional places to sell your car has a systemised network, thus car buying specialist companies have an online car value calculator. The database gives an estimated quote for your car and lets you book a free appointment. The seller has to visit the nearest branch where a car expert will check their car thoroughly, take a test drive there and quote a final price.


  • Guaranteed sale
  • Quick process
  • No Hassle of dealing with potential buyers and callers
  • Post-sales paperwork handled by the company
  • Safe and secure
  • Cash payments


  • Resale value according to car market trends
  • Profit margin cannot always be very good as compared to private selling


A car is a huge investment and thus requires the sellers to go for an option which brings safety and more convenience. Some incidents of frauds were recorded when the seller tried to sell a car privately. However, many people have sold their cars online and find the classifieds as the best option. If you are an expert or know the process and market trends, then selling a used car through online classified websites might not be very difficult. But if you are a first-time seller, does not know the market trends and process, then opting the safe option and the best place to sell car online at the expense of few thousands can save you from a big loss.

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