BMW i8 Roadster 4 Elements Art Car by Milan Kunc

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With the raging problems of rising pollutions and dying environment faced by the planet, it is not surprising that everyone is trying to save the earth.

Almost every big industry is playing their part in the earth-saving schemes, and motor industry has taken a big step towards as well. BMW is promoting the Ocean Clean-up Project through BMW i8 Roadster.

BMW team joined up with Czech painter Milan Kunc to paint the all-electric vehicle so the world can pay head towards the seriousness of the ocean problems. The artist calls the vehicle as BMW i8 Roadster 4 Element.

He has actually worked upon the body of the car as his canvas and depicted ocean life as a master.

BMW i8 Roadster Art Car

It will be presented around Europe for its exhibition which will start in Prague. Later at the end of the exhibition tour, it will be presented for the auction which supports the ocean clean-up project.

It is said that the vehicle is called Element because it represents different elements like earth, fire, water and of course air.

According to Milan, the vehicle has been decorated with different forms of painting to support the elements and also the project. The details are as under.

The right side of the vehicle represents air and earth: flower, bees, and birds are made to represent the balance of life on earth.

BMW i8 Roadster

They are a symbol of nature and what we need is different elements like power, energy and wind and others to maintain a balanced environment on earth.

  • Left side is about water: The presence of snails, fishes, crabs on the left side of the vehicle is about ocean life and water and how we humans are responsible for the balanced environment.
  • Hood speaks energy: Natural forces are depicted on the hood to speak for vegetation and butterflies. Butterflies are a symbol of air and energy transformation, and that is what hood is about.
  • Fire: Fire is the element which is required by every life present o earth for energy and its development. Also, it fits metaphorically on the vehicle as the engine is the heart of the car which provides maximum energy and is responsible for the healthy environment.

Source: BMW Blog

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