Airbag Module Reset

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When you’re on the road, you’re main concern may be to get to your destination safely and quickly. Thinking of driving safely, we focus on the speed at which we are driving at, and not much more. Okay, maybe also wearing the seat belt (which is very important). However, we don’t always think about the other components of our vehicle until something happens to the car that then merits your attention. Before the car breaks down, or you get into a car accident without the proper safety features working, make sure all components of your vehicle are working properly so you can stay safe on the road.

This includes getting your airbags and the airbag module fixed or reset if need be. If you have been in an accident recently where the airbags have been deployed, you will need to get your airbag module reset. A dealer may tell you that you will need an entirely new airbag module or for you to buy a used one to try to save some money; however, not only will this require additional programming to the module, but also it will cost you more than necessary. Usually, all that is needed is for your airbag module to be reset.

Safety Restore is a post accident restoration company that specializes in your vehicle supplemental restraint system. They can do the airbag module reset, cluster repair, custom seat belt webbing, and more. On top of this they can do it for a fraction of the cost of a dealer! For only $49.99 they can reset your airbag module. The expert technicians use 100% OEM parts and can repair your module to factory condition, ensuring your safety.

The process is quick and simple. After securely checking out online, send in your module using any carrier. Once they receive your module, they will repair and ship it back within only 24 hours! Get back on the road safely so you can focus on the other important things while driving. Visit to learn more.

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