Saleen 1 Priced At $100,000

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Saleen 1 Priced At 100000

When Saleen revealed the new Saleen one sports car at the L.A. Auto Show, only a handful of details were released. Now the company is starting to fill in the gaps with a selection of recent statistics, as well as pricing. It turns out the curvy mid-engine machine will run $100,000, which puts it right in entry-level Porsche 911 territory. But the Saleen 1’s 450 HP outguns base 911s and matches the mid-range 911 GTS.

The company revealed a few chassis-related details, too. The Saleen 1’s 2,685 pounds are not equally distributed across the automobile. Rather, 42% sits over the front and 58% sits over the rear. The automobile is fitted with big 15-inch brake rotors at all four corners. Tires area staggered with 255mm wide units at the front and meaty 335mm pieces at the back.

Saleen 1

Production has not started yet, but the company says it’ll begin soon and will build 1,500 cars each year. If you want one, the company is currently acceptive $1,000 deposits. The cars will also come with a 3 year/36,000-mile guarantee, and can be had in one of twelve colors.

2018 Saleen 1

2018 Saleen 1 Hadlight

2018 Saleen 1 Wheel

2018 Saleen 1 BackSide

Saleen 1 Priced

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