8 Tips For Beginner Van Drivers

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Differences most definitely exist between driving a van and driving a car, however, they are pretty easy to get the hang of.

If you are new to van driving, here at Fridgexpress.com we are happy to provide you with several tips that should get your driving off to a good start.

It’s All About Timing

When you hire a van with us, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time so that everything can be cared for well. The obvious thing you need to allow time for is travel to wherever you are going, but also make sure that you give time for our staff to get you set up well with the van and provide you with the information you need to get used to the vehicle.

Avail of The Test Drive

Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you a quick test drive in your van if you are hiring from us here at Fridgexpress for the first time, giving you a quick demo is our pleasure. Once you have had the demo make sure that you choose a quiet area, perhaps within the car park so that you can get used to how the van feels to drive, this is crucial to do before you head out on the road.

Awareness is Key

When you are the driver of a van, especially at first, make sure that you have full awareness of your vehicle length, particularly when you are changing lanes or making a sharp corner. As well as this, observe all of the lane and route restrictions that are applicable to your van size. Also, remember that blind spots always exist so ensure that you are aware of these before head out on the road and keep aware of them while you are driving.

Consider The Sizing

If you are used to driving a car and not a van, one of the biggest things to stay on top of is the fact that you are driving a larger vehicle. As we noted above this is important when you are changing lanes due to the length of the vehicle, however, you also need to be aware of the height and width. For instance, if you are going under an underpass you need to be aware of the height of the van. Narrow roads mean that the vehicle width needs to be taken into account, in fact, it is best to avoid narrow roads when hiring a van.

Think About The Distance

The extra weight and size of the vehicle will mean that your braking distance can be longer than when you are driving a standard car. This means that you should keep a sufficient distance between your van and the vehicle in front of you, this means that an accident is less likely to occur if you need to brake quickly.

Be Careful When Turning

No matter how long you have been a driver, you need to watch your speed when driving a van and this is especially true when driving a van for the first time. Always keep to the legal speed limit and make sure that you slow down well when approaching corners, this needs to accommodate for the fact that the vehicle you are driving is larger and heavier. You always need to use your external mirrors when taking a corner or turning.

Always Be Aware of Your Speed

Make sure that you always reduce your speed when driving through bends. Your vehicle is heavier to balance and visibility is not as clear as to when driving a car so you must keep to the speed limit or even a little below it.

Have Assistance When Parking

Parking a van can be tricky when you are not used to the length and size of the vehicle. Try to have someone with you who can help you when you need to park. Ensure that you have co-ordinated hand signals in advance so that you both understand what you are communicating.

Always Be Eco-Friendly

Here a Fridgexpress, it is our focus to always care for the environment as much as we can, in fact, there are a number of ways that you can also be eco-conscious when you are hiring one of our vans. Make sure that your acceleration is gentle which will mean you won’t need to brake so hard. Keep to the speed limits and make sure you are not distracted which can cause you to drive faster than you realize. As the last point, try to switch the engine off when you can, for instance in traffic jams or when you are waiting for someone. Our vans are all modern and in good condition, so your fuel economy can be efficient so long as your driving style is.

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