5 Reasons to Install Leather Upholstery in Your Car

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When a car offers leather seats, you already know to expect great things. Leather upholstery is in its own category, and there are more pros than cons to having it installed. Read below to find out why modern leather is taking the car industry by storm.

1. The Look

The brand names at a superb Utah car accessories store have a lot of history. Car manufacturers are known for their flagship vehicles, otherwise known as the best of the best. The most recognizable cars in cinema have leather upholstery. And when car manufacturers are debuting their new flagships, it is always with leather upholstery. The car industry loves to wow its customers, so they won’t send out their best vehicle with cloth upholstery. Leather has a certain style to it that is almost impossible to replace.

2. Comfort

Leather is a very comfortable material that gets better as it gets older. This is one of the unique benefits of having leather upholstery in your car. It’s firm, supportive, and absolutely fantastic for long road trips. That sinking feeling you get when driving for hours on bad upholstery is not present with leather. But more importantly, passengers that like to take naps will find the toughness of the leather to feel just right.

3. Cost

When it first came out, leather’s identity was more of a natural transition from horse-drawn carriages to for wheeled vehicles. It was only many years later when leather would become exclusive to luxury cars. This drove the cost up and put it far out of reach for the normal consumer. When car manufacturers started offering optional leather upholstery to the average consumer, it was still expensive. Over the years, more car manufacturers made leather a standard option. This in turn made the optional upgrade cost a lot less, even in jobs where it is completely custom. Having leather upholstery is now a fully balanced deal of value and cost.

4. Easy to Clean

Leather does a good job of preventing liquids from making permanent stains. Spills are of no concern if you dry up the area in an acceptable amount of time. Take a look at older cars with cloth upholstery, and you’ll notice the permanent stains are still visible after several cleanings. On top of the obvious visual clues, cloth upholstery holds onto odors that linger for several years. A good detail to a car that favors leather will have it smelling like it just came off of a car lot.

5. Maintenance

Repairing a rip in cloth upholstery now has no noticeable cost difference than leather upholstery. The maintenance comparisons get even more absurd since leather is more resistant to damage. You don’t have to babysit leather, and if something does go wrong, it won’t break the bank. These are important facts for cars that travel with infants, pets, and young kids!

The Good Stuff

Having leather as an upholstery option makes your buying decision a little easier. Cars should be outfitted with the best, and it’s clear that leather holds that title. If you want to add value to your vehicle, then a leather upholstery upgrade is the way to go.

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